Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pop*eye...Fresh pop around the world in May


from France

Porco Rosso
La Vie Sans Moi (2010)

*I proud to highly

La vie sans moi Cover Art

Singing pop in French is not easy, and not every band gives it a try, but some brilliantly succeed, as Porco Rosso show. Formed in 2002, the three members have found their own style – a balance between their influences and their personality. After releasing two EPs (2004, 2006), they dropped their LP, La Vie Sans Moi (”Life Without Me”), last year. You might not understand the lyrics of 10.000 Lieues À La Ronde, but you don’t have to – the rhythm and the vocals are too catchy not to appreciate.

Beautiful LP.
Porco Rosso

from Scotland

We See Lights
Twee Love Pop, EP (2011)

*I proud to Recommended!*

Let’s see if you can guess what We See Lights sound like before you listen to them. The group hosted an event this month called The Twee Jamboree in their native Edinburgh with live music and home baking, while their new Twee Love Pop EP features a song entitled I Hope You Like The Smiths. I think you get the picture. My Oh My Oh My is by far their finest moment to date – it’s an utterly adorable anthem for the lovestruck and has some delightful banjo playing. Check out Bandcamp or iTunes for more of their music.

Download 'My Oh My Oh My!' and 'Hope You Like The Smiths' for free from Bandcamp!

from England

Ben Howard
These Waters, EP (2009)

*I proud to highly

Male British singer-songwriters are hardly thin on the ground and yet, even given the crowded market, Ben Howard stands out. A 24-year-old Devon boy with a penchant for surfing, he’s just released an EP on the Mumford-affiliated Communion label and has signed thereafter to Island – he apparently inked the deal because of their history with Nick Drake and John Martyn. And that’s Howard all over: folk-pop with substance and class. On this, a live version of Empty Corridors, he showcases, as a recent New Band of the Day article put it, a “guitar sound that recalls Drake’s complex tunings, while every so often you expect his gently gruff tones to start warbling Martyn’s Bless The Weather”.


*Porta's favourite!*
Ben Howard

"My personal favorite
Fresh new artist!"


“Brightest young stars
pop talent,
it's perfectly fine!”

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