Saturday, June 23, 2012

PERSONAL EFFECTS...Porta's Greetings Adventure!—TokyoSurvey 2012

‘Porta's Greetings Adventure’ 
Retail, Style and Personal Friendship!


the Portastylistic's Greetings Adventure
in Tokyo

9 days in Tokyo & Kyoto for a greetings to our friends trip. It was looking for shops and brands favourite again that personal effects specialize in Japanese spirits classic style.

the Portastylistic presents a list of our friendship brands like Porter Classic, Okura, MHL., 45rpm, Kapital etc. the most attentive services, the best store designs and the most culture concepts in the retail sector.

"Portastylistic-tour-of-personal-style-shops-specializing-in-classic-Japanese-effects-and-atmosphere" First stop to a Father and Son Porter Classic shop at International arcade Ginza to say hello with Mr.Leo same like my first Japan trip TokyoSurvey last year, We waiting a year for visit PC Ginza to a fresh concepts party '1st Friday' eats&drinks to meet, to talk. A brands breaking through in an over-saturated market don't care world fashion trend.

A Touching my heart with Porter Classic Collections by hand work and the gallery pop- show artist for bags & Kichizo leather by films inspired and sure for Kendo line a PC signature. First greeting to Mr. Leo Yoshida and his Neighborgood Mr. Nobuhiko Akiyoshi -minorityrev Ginza service mind for keeping about Maico work to help. We share about life with work so inspired, So long., long times a waiting for visit here, it's perfectly to fine! 

to People I love !

Porter Classic

Next, we went around the block to The Monocle cafe'. I loved the design of the space, very impressed at the cosy classic space and rebuild it with character; in this case, easy with warm light to look like an old high school., and next one of a goods space cafe' service Aux Bacchanales that right Coffee and Cigarettes of french tradition, too smoke for the small space but a lot of friendships service.


  Aux Bacchanales

A day landing to Nakameguro. For greeting Japanese culture store already visited all day , BlueBlue brands I mentioned, friendly staff through the eyes of Okura from my last year. Right now our missed both too. As I have mentioned before, I've seen all them in MHL. stores cute always.

*Porta's favourite!*

(The one of a very good Japanese foods, Inside it feels homely...Same menu like lat year for waiting !)

to People I love !


MHL By Margaret Howell

in Kyoto

So, we took up to Kyoto. Very cool. Portastylistic loved the People most liveable cities, Talk by friendly service staff that share the History brand and store space design, Our calls 'Kawaii!!!' some piece selected all around every shop in-out town, special tools for life culture service package.

*Porta's favourite!*

Parfait chocolate
(My first taste at Lipton cafe' Kyoto...Good times a lot of laugh & smile we had !)
  to People I love !

in Kamakura

"Go and get an end-of-day shave infront of Tokyo station" Just down to Amazing Kamakura "Go to the ancient capital Kamakura, just an hour train ride from Tokyo and sip some coffee at various cafe's" and so surf on. The capital of Tokyo back in the end of the 12th century. In love! everything delicious. 

(My first taste A yeast doughnut of Portuguese origins that is very popular in Hawaii !)
So back from Kamakura day, we took uptown to the 45rpm store on Shibuya. Very cool. Portastylistic loved the Indigo paper display ideas, and walk to Rugged Factory store space design.
to People I love !

We left from Asakusa very happy to fine Porter Classic Studio, and another Mr.Katsu even recommends choice Benten healthy fresh Soba, Tempura, Katsudon restaurant. Local family restaurant which makes own noodle (not buys from factory) comes with fresh soup.. Ummm Yumm!!

(Our waiting my brother for visit 1st Friday at Porter Classic Ginza Family & Friend Party at Tully’s Coffee is another Starbucks look-alike with worse lighting and less space. It’s venue is small, its tables are cramped, and its lighting is poor. the Taste of Japan line of cold drinks.!)




My first experience the great talk with Mr.Katsuyuki Yoshida of Porter Classic, a lot of his classic story with old friends and his favourite some secret space and all about to share with laugh & real smile. Mr.Katsu is My personal Icon always... I'm a lucky man!!!, Finally to visit the 1st Friday at Porter Classic Ginza is old school meeting between friends with friends, One moment never forget...

"One of my favorite best brands personal style guide!"

We met so many nice people, The people we met same like last year were all so kind, helpful, and generous all the people we first visit... it's calls Friends!.
Special thanks to all the people I love & respect in our 9 days stay in Tokyo & Kyoto. We'll be back soon!



"Friends again!"

the portastylistic