Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hot and Covered...Porter Classic × Biotop

Porter Classic
× Biotop
‘Pop to the Top!’

April 28, 2012, to open (Saturday)!


"PC Pop Up Shop"
@biotop Adam et Rope

In the picture off the tree house is a shop located in the platinum biotop Adam et Rope.
Was set to that of the representative's house Katsuyuki Yoshida Porter Classic the tree house.
Come to play with a guitar or a glass of wine and cuisine every night everyone.
We also look envious of animals in the forest.

The limited edition T-shirts at the venue of the design of this picture!
2 is a version of the silk-screen printed hand! Other Formats: Paperback *

Thank you.

In a series from wearing kendo also say representatives of the Porter Classic,
We also will be allowed a HOBO custom items for the first time.

In addition, the
Allowed to print wherever you like, in combination with your
Custom Order T-shirt.

Limited edition that let me design the image of our Biotop

Etc.! ! !

Even up to now

ツリーハウスをPorter Classic代表の吉田克幸さんの家という設定にしました。




Porter Classic



Porter Classic × Biotop Pop up Shop
Dates: April 28, 2012 (Sat)

Adam et Rope biotope 〒 108-0071: Venue

4-6-44 4-6-44 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel :03-3444-2421

Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00 (3F: ~ 23:00)

Of course,
In May the 1st Friday in Biotop,

Including Everyone in the Porter Classic Family

Porter Classic × Biotop presents FIRST FRIDAY;
(Fri.) 19:00 to 22:00 May 4, 2012
Adam et Rope biotope Venue

Picture by

“Top of the Pop!”

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Portastudio Playlist: A COSY SOUNDTRACK FOR WEEKEND+Live Session 103





From many moment happen here, back from Thai New Year weekend,
Portastudio Playlist to fill your day (or night) with sounds from Leeds,

We welcome Grammy-winning English singer and songwriter
in +Live Session 103 of A Cosy soundtrack for weekend,
we hear Corinne Bailey Rae The Woman WE LVE Series.
It's time to find something special for your loved ones.
The Artist of choice this week
to the show to perform
+live music set to make your cosy*night (or day).
The Cosy weekend playlist brings together exclusive live music

from our favourite Artists around the world throughout for all in
the Quiet night life of weekend ahead for every moments.



Corinne Bailey Rae
(born Corinne Bailey on 26 February 1979) is an English singer-songwriter.
Rae was named the number-one predicted breakthrough act of 2006
in an annual BBC poll of music critics.
By the Soundtrack Weekend inaugural music guideline with exclusive
live music from Portastudio's playlist,
so conclude+Live music performing
at the perfect way and welcome to your life join with the cosy music
performs a set of songs on your cosy weekend night!

{01} 'The Sea' | {02} 'Like A Star' 
{03} 'Since I've Been Loving You' | {04} 'Enchantment'

{05} 'I'd do it all again' | {06} 'The Blackest Lily'
{07} 'Trouble Sleeping' | {08} 'Closer'

{09} 'I'd Like To' | {10} 'Put your records on' 
{11} 'Paris Nights/ New York Mornings




Catch up with previous +live sessions of A COSY SOUNDTRACK FOR WEEKEND Series

24 March 2012

3 March 2012
In 2010, the Portastudio Playlist proud to presents A Cosy Soundtrack For Weekend+live Session, Is a cosy music smart playlist and feature interviews. From our panel which also includes selected by the Portastylistic. We focus on the inaugural music guideline, Our favourite musical talent with exclusive live music from around the world to the week ahead.

This Cosy life night weekend for your experience cosy music playlist with some familiar on your cosy night in pop sensation. our panel which also includes selected by the Portastylistic.
A Cosy Soundtrack For Weekend+live Session goes live every Saturday at 8pm. Bkk, Thailand time on Mixpod and right here at
Some rights reserved




-the portastylistic

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

pop*eye...James Iha—Look To The Sky (2012)


from Chicago

James Iha
Look To The Sky (2012)

*I proud to highly, highly

Iha first mentioned a follow-up to Let It Come Down over a decade ago, but other duties kept arising; he co-owns of Scratchie Records, scores films (Linda Linda Linda in 2005), and collaborates with everyone from Fountains Of Wayne to Isobel Campbell. Now that his new album, Look to the Sky, is completed, it’s easy to see why it took so long. The album is a significantly vaster and more experimental effort than Let It Come Down, and the variety of high-profile collaborators certainly helps. Legendary Television frontman Tom Verlaine adds guitar on the breezy jangle of ”Till Next Tuesday” and fierce blues-rock of “Appetite”, both clear standouts. Pianist Mike Garson, who has played with everyone from the Pumpkins to Bowie, also appears on “Appetite”, the most fascinating track on the album. Hearing Verlaine and Garson jam sounds even better than expected. Also don’t count out Yeah Yeah Yeahs members Nick Zinner (guitar on “Dream Tonight”) and Karen O (vocals on “Waves”).
The album is certainly not without songs that capitalize on Iha’s signature mellow-pop sound, though. The highly accessible “Summer Days” sounds a lot like the material on Let It Come Down, thanks to its bubbly energy and upbeat stream of acoustic strums and playful keys. It was written and produced with Nathan Larson, the husband of The Cardigans’ Nina Persson, who sings on “Make Believe” and “Till Next Tuesday”. Iha has not only improved on the best aspects of Let It Come Down with familiar gems like “Summer Days” and “Till Next Tuesday”. He has also introduced many new elements to his sound, most of which succeed immensely, like “Appetite”.
Words Mike Mineo
Porta's Rating
9 of 10

Mastered his first solo album in 14 years!

*Porta's favourite!*

Former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha is usually associated with his involvement in hard-rocking acts, like the Pumpkins and A Perfect Circle. What’s unknown to some is that Iha released a solo album, Let It Come Down, in 1998. It presented a lush array of country, folk, and pop, more in line with acoustic singer/songwriters than his electric role as a band member — especially for a group like the Pumpkins, who were no strangers to guitar pedals and effects. On the contrary, Let It Come Down was a beautifully stripped-down affair, with lap steels and country twangs resonating more than the amplifiers he usually had his back to while touring the world.

EMIミュージックジャパン (2012-02-15)

Japan Official HP


—RECENT +live SESSIONCatch up with previous +live sessions of A COSY SOUNDTRACK FOR WEEKEND Series

17 September 2011

"My personal favorite
artist always!"


“Summer Boy Returns!”

the portastylistic

Thursday, April 12, 2012

pop*eye...Khari Cabral—Clementine Sun (2012)


from Atlanta

Khari Cabral
Clementine Sun (2012)

*I proud to highly

With his current, Dome-released solo album "Clementine Sun," Atlanta, Georgia-based bass-player/producer Khari Cabral Simmons delivers an appealing, summery fusion of soul, bossa nova and jazz styles on a nine-track set which - mixed by Incognito founder/leader Bluey - is currently being pioneered by its hauntingly-shuffling lead single "Never In Your Sun" - a bossa-flavoured cover of a relatively-unknown Eighties Stevie Wonder ballad featuring the sensuous vocals of Grammy-winning/10-million-selling neo-soul songstress (and long-time Khari friend-and-collaborator) India.Aire.
Meanwhile, other guests of note on "Clementine Sun" include Japanese-American singer/songwriter Monday Michiru on the joyously-skipping "Belle Of Byron Bay"; upcoming Brazilian 'nu bossa' vocalist Sabrina Malheiros on the breezily-gliding "Major Bossa"; newcomer Chantae Cann on the infectiously-melodic soul groover "Get Back"; plus the internationally-revered horn section of aforementioned London jazz/funk/soul collective Incognito on the uptempo, hooky "How Can We Go Wrong."
All of which results in a consistently-uplifting release from the former leader of acclaimed Atlanta outfit Jiva and long-term member of India.Aire’s band. Who -having studied theory and composition at Atlanta’s prestigious Morehouse College before emerging as an integral part of the city’s thriving underground soul scene - last appeared on UK indie Dome with the 2006-released album of predominantly-Brazilian-flavoured cover-tunes titled "Moon Bossa." Which - released under the name Julie & Khari - interestingly found him hooking-up with Birmingham, UK-raised vocalist Julie Dexter.
… Cue an articulate and instantly-warm-mannered Mr. Simmons hooking-up with ‘Blues & Soul’ Assistant Editor Pete Lewis from his Georgia home for a revealing introductory chat.
PETE: What were the reasons for you titling your current album "Clementine Sun" after its smoothly-lilting opening-track?
KHARI: “Well, the first record I put out with my group Jiva was called ‘Sun And Moon’, the follow-up to that was called ‘Day Into Night’ - and then after that I did the album with Julie Dexter where I decided to make the first song on there - 'Moon Bossa' - the TITLE. Which I think worked in a lot of ways, particularly in terms of letting you know what was coming on the record as a WHOLE. So, because for me this new album is somewhat of an extension of the ‘Moon Bossa’ album, with it being musically a touch more bright and not as earth-toned as that record - you know, this one has a few more primary colours - I kind of felt it was almost like the FLIPSIDE to it. Which is why, once I’d written the song 'Clementine Sun,' it just sort of stuck out to the point where, above all the other songs, its title easily became the one that fit best as a scene for the entire BOOK.”
PETE: So what did you want to achieve musically on this record?
KHARI: “Even though as a bass-player I’m happy to do the acoustic singer/songwriter thing with India (Arie) or the straight-up soul thing with (Atlanta indie-soul man) Donnie, in terms of expressing myself as an artist in my OWN right the guys I really connect with are people like Sergio Mendes, Burt Bacharach and Quincy Jones. Mainly because I guess as writers and producers their records have a myriad of things ON them. Like Sergio’s career spans everything from ‘Mas Que Nada’ to (the 1983 chart-topping pop ballad) ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’, while in the same way Quincy’s music goes from the ‘Soul Bossa Nova’ album right up to anything by (Seventies/Eighties funkers) The Brothers JOHNSON. And so because I think that I have that similar outlook, when it came to this record I definitely wanted it to feel the same as when you listen to a Quincy solo record or a BACHARACH record. Where, while it is definitely a cohesive album, it still takes you through lots of different MOMENTS. So, even though the heart of it I’d say is the bossa nova thing, there’s still a definite jazz element in there, there’s a couple of jazz/funk tunes on there, there’s maybe a soul tune or two - and then, in addition to that, there’s also the way that they all sort of swim TOGETHER.”
PETE: The album’s lead single is a bossa-flavoured cover of the Eighties Stevie Wonder ballad "Never In Your Sun," featuring Grammy-winning acoustic soul songstress India.Aire…
KHARI: “Well, a long time ago - around ’95 - when India and I used to drive to gigs together, we used to spend a lot of our time in the car listening to Monday Michiru records, to where we both became huge Monday Michiru FANS. So when India found out that I had Monday guesting on this record, she got pretty excited about it and was like ‘Look, if there’s a place on the record for me then let me KNOW’… So literally one day I was sitting there going through some Eighties stuff, and when I got to Stevie Wonder’s ‘In Square Circle’ album I immediately remembered how much I’d liked that record when I was around l1/12 years old and in particular the song ‘Never In Your SUN’. So, while the actual production on Stevie’s original sounds very 1985 very computer-driven, because the song itself remains pretty much timeless, on listening to it again I thought ‘Man, if I do this song in another way - featuring acoustic guitar and percussion - India will fall IN LOVE with it!... So literally at that EXACT MOMENT I sent her an MP3 in an e-mail saying ‘Hey, what do you think of THIS?’… Within minutes she sent it back saying she loved it; I asked her what she thought of the key; she said ‘Seems like the key is fine’... So the next day I went in the studio, I recorded three versions for her, let her pick the one that she liked the most - and then we were off to the RACES!... And of course, with it being Stevie - and with Stevie and India already having that special relationship - I think the combination of her with the song worked PERFECTLY.”
PETE: So let’s discuss your little-known early background…
KHARI: “I was born in New York. Then a year later we moved to my dad’s hometown of New Orleans, where we stayed until I was four and I moved with my parents to the Hollywood area of Los Angeles - which suddenly meant that at that young age I was now around a lot of people like Diahann Carroll, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Diana Ross... You know, with my dad being an attorney at MCA Records at the time, the black professionals in Hollywood who were attached to the entertainment industry were literally like living all AROUND us... Which also meant that MUSIC was all around us - particularly with my dad working at MCA and always bringing me home albums by people like Steely Dan. Plus when I’d stay over at my best friend’s house, his mom would always be putting on like the early-Eighties boogie and soft rock... So yeah, I basically heard a lot of different styles of music at a very early AGE.”
PETE: So what led you to eventually decide on a full-time career in music?
KHARI: “When I was around 10/11 years old I wound up moving to New Jersey, where I ended up going to these schools where there were rock bands EVERYWHERE! One was Spin Doctors, another was an ultra-popular group called Blues Traveller... And it was actually when I started experiencing that culture of being around rock bands that I first started playing BASS. Then from there, when I got to 10th Grade - because my parents had spilt up by then - I moved to New Orleans to live with my DAD for a year… And looking back today I’d have say that musically that one year was singularly the most influential year of my LIFE! Because with New Orleans being such a big music town I was now playing bass with a lot of different people of my own age who were on the same musical level as me; I was going to see a lot of people in concert; I went to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival... Plus in terms of actual RECORDS, at the same time I also happened to get hit all at once by the Basia ‘Time & Tide’ album; the Swing Out Sister ‘It’s Better to Travel’ album; the Sade ‘Stronger Than Pride’ album; the Simply Red ‘A New Flame’ album; and the Everything But The Girl ‘Language Of LIFE’ album! You know, for a whole year I virtually listened to all those albums EVERY SINGLE DAY! Which in turn completely changed my musical WORLD, and completely set my ears up for everything that was to COME!... So yeah, basically that UK sound - which I guess you can describe as having that sort of jazz top with like a rhythm & blues sensibility - totally changed my LIFE! Which in turn ultimately led to me becoming the artist I am TODAY!”
The album "Clementine Sun" and single "Never In Your Sun (feat. India.Aire)" are both out now through Dome
Porta's Rating
9 of 10

One piece in a larger puzzle!

*Porta's favourite!*

follow Khari Cabral (@KhariCabral)

"My personal favorite
artist always!"


“The Prince of Soul Bossa!”

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Monday, April 9, 2012

New Modern Classic...The 『BADOU·R AI 45』Summer Lookbook!

‘Summer '12


The 『BADOU·R AI 45』
Summer issue is out now!

We deliver this last issue of “Badou-R AI 45” shot in Miyakojima along with the poem Graduation. In the column “Translating Artifact”, we introduce “Natural Indigo Batik Scarf” with various ways of use, “Uneven dye Natural Indigo Umahiko Tee shirt” for your sun tanned skin, and “Indigo Tappet Pants”; we look back on our soul color; indigo. The next issue will be our improved and deepened “The book of 45R”, which will deliver our cloths of the season and thoughts twice a year. Please look forward to the new issue.

"BADOU·R AI 45" is a quarterly publication (Published on the 1st of January, April, July & October) which accumulates the seasonal imagery of four brands sold by 45rpm. The booklet introduces seasonal clothes and our passion for making clothes through visiting various historical places and tapping into the culture and scenery.

more image here


“Indigo-poem Graduation!”

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Monday, April 2, 2012

New Modern Classic...Nike Air Woven—Euro 2012 Collection

Nike Air Woven
‘Euro 2012 Collection!’


"The Classic slip-on returns !"
Nike Air Woven

The slip-on Nike Air Woven returns this year in a collection with colorways inspired by Euro 2012. England, France, Spain and Germany have inspired colorways of the sneaker. Of the remaining two colorways, one comes in a classic black and white combination inspired by classic football boots while the second features a multicolored look.

The black, white and gum colorway hit some shops today with a wider release to come presumably. We will keep you posted with more release information.

When it launched in 2000 the Air Woven tipped footwear design into the new millennium. Immediately turning heads with its unusual textile pattern and supreme comfort and fit, the Air Woven’s birth was a moment in time that has become indelible in the NIKE design history.

The shoe’s upper is hand woven using a combination of elastic and polyester webbing to ensure the perfect fit, acting as a second skin on the foot. Air Woven comes to life with various colors incorporated into the hand-woven upper. The shoe’s midsole is molded phylon for added comfortable fit and feel.

Featuring a Nike Air unit in the heel, the new colorways have been created in honor of some of the teams and players who will compete this summer on football’s biggest stage. The shoe will be available globally at select retailers and online.

Created for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, the Zoom-equipped woven nylon kicks come in colorways for England, France, Spain and Germany alongside a classic black and white version and a sixth pair inspired by the tournament’s colorful emblem.

Look for the six pack to be available at spots like Tokyo’s SOPH. on March 31.

2000年、ブランド史上類い稀なアイディアによって具現化された画期的なプロダクト/ナイキ エア ウーブン。伸縮性に優れたヒモ状の特殊な素材をシューズの形状に編み込んだアッパーが斬新なルックスを作り出し、従来のスニーカーと一線を画したミニマル なデザインと抜群のフィット感を実現。さらに、最小限のパーツで構成することによって余分なゴミを出さないという環境にも配慮したエコロジカルなモデル だ。そしてこの度、今夏にヨーロッパで開催されるフットボールの祭典を記念し、フットボールからインスピレーションを受けたカラーリングの限定モデルがリ リースされるという朗報が届いた。全6色が揃うラインナップの内、ブラック×ホワイトは<ナイキ>が誇るヘリテージフットボールブーツからインスパイアさ れたスペシャルカラーとなっており、国内では『ソフ 』のショップのみで展開されるエクスクルーシブモデル。2012年3月31日より、随時発売予定。

Nike Air Woven ‘Euro 2012′ Sneaker Pack


各¥14,700(tax inc.)


SOPH. TOKYO:03-5775-2290


AIR WOVEN WHITE PAIR 8706 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN WHITE TOP 8708 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN WHITE FRONT 8705 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN WHITE BACK 8704 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN WHITE PROFILE 8707 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection

AIR WOVEN RED PAIR 8701 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN RED TOP 8703 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN RED BACK 8699 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN RED FRONT 8700 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN RED PROFILE 8702 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection

AIR WOVEN BLUE PROFILE 8711 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN BLUE TOP 8712 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN BLUE FRONT 8710 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN BLUE BACK 8709 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection

AIR WOVEN RASTA PROFILE 8697 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN RASTA TOP 8698 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN RASTA FRONT 8695 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN RASTA BACK 8694 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN RASTA PAIR 8696 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN RAINBOW  PAIR 8689 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN RAINBOW TOP 8693 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN RAINBOW FRONT 8691 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN RAINBOW BACK 8690 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection

AIR WOVEN BLACK PROFILE 8687 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN BLACK TOP 8688 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN BLACK FRONT 8686 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection AIR WOVEN BLACK BACK 8685 Nike Air Woven | Euro 2012 Collection

As for the style Nike Air Woven is a great looking slip-on for the summer. extremely comfortable and durable. i love them! the Portastylistic review 'My feet best friends' when our back from TokyoSurvey last year.

‘Porta's Style Best Friends’


“Comfortable fit and feel!”

the portastylistic