Friday, April 15, 2011

Porta's Look!...PATISSERIE Coin de rue—洋菓子店コアンドル


Coin de rue

A film by Yoshihiro Fukagawa


Tomura (Eguchi), a legendary patissier who suddenly disappeared from the world of sweets eight years ago, repeatedly declines invitations to show off his skills at a renowned pastry shop in Tokyo where he is a regular. Meanwhile, an unexpected coincidence leads Natsumi (Aoi), the daughter of a Kagoshima bakery owner, to begin working at that same pastry shop after following her boyfriend to Tokyo. With the mystery behind Tomura’s sudden exit from pastry circles still lingering and Natsume still preoccupied with the idea of reuniting with her boyfriend, the unlikely pair both experience personal growth through their interactions with one another.


Yoshihiro Fukagawa (深川栄洋 / FUKAGAWA Yoshihiro) is a Japanese film director from Chiba Prefecture. He is currently represented by 925hPa.

Asmik Ace Entertainment will be releasing “Patisserie Coin de rue” in Japan on February 11, 2011.

brings about changes in both of their lives.

A trailer has been released for Yoshihiro Fukagawa’s upcoming film Patisserie Coin de rue starring Yosuke Eguchi and Yu Aoi.

Behind The Scenes

the Hawaii International Film Festival is back in town for spring with a nice selection of foreign films to choose from. and last night i went to see the new film starring Yu Aoi called Patisserie Coin De Rue.

full of delicious sweets any dessert person would die for. with a lot of funny parts, as well as very dramatic scenes, Yu Aoi was a joy to watch throughout this film. but she would probably be the only good reason for me to say that i would want to watch it again : mainly because even though there was a lot of drama going on, the movie seemed to move at a slow pace. the imagery was nice (with the shots throughout Tokyo and the cute cafe shops), but there were some irrelevant scenes that were a bit pointless and confusing. honestly, i liked Rinco's Restaurant much better.



“Warm in your heart beat,
delicious sweet dramatic!”

the portastylistic

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matchamuffin said...

just finished watching the movie! I love it! <3 such an amazing, heartwarming movie through its simplistic effects and beautiful scenes. Hehe the cakes looked so delicious as well! :D by any chance, do you have any other recommendations of movies similar to this? as well as do you know the song at the end of the movie? :)