Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Porta's Look...Rinco's Restaurant

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Collection that's perfect for 2010
for refreshing my brain from tension
at this time!

I got inspire from these...

'Rinco's Restaurant!'

If you invest in lives of those around you, however you express love, look forward to positive results.!



รูปภาพ รูปภาพ

last night, and also enjoy watching Japanese films at previous HIFF's (Hawaii International Film Festival) each year... a great Japanese film called "Rinco's Restaurant."
but i must say,
i like this movie A LOT!
so i highly recommending watching it!!

it takes places in a forrest. through some personal hardships, Rinco looses her voice, yet still takes on her only passion: cooking (which seem to have magical powers). this movie has so many great aspects to it - the story, the cinematography, her wardrobe (i LOVE the way she's dressed), the humor (absolutely hilarious!), the touching moments (its a tear jerker too), the appreciation of silence (in Rinco and in the beauty of cooking/dining), and also the artwork! (there's a lot of dream sequences that use cut-out collages of different foods and animals...super cute! it actually reminded me a lot of blog buddy Ebony-chan from Hello Sandwich!! also the fact that the main character always wears her hair in a top-bun :-)

watch the trailer


It's not uncommon for Japanese theatrical releases to be promoted with unique item giveaways for advance ticket buyers, presumably to cut down on lines and lure in any reluctant moviegoers with a weakness for freebies. Typically these items consist of little trinkets such as cell phone straps or collectible toys, but Toho is going another route with Mai Tominaga's food-centric Rinco's Restaurant (Shokudo Katatsumuri). In a unique move sponsored by Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, 3,000 advance ticket buyers will be randomly selected to win a collection of meat and produce. The winners will reportedly receive 1 shoulder cut of wagyu beef for sukiyaki (10,000 yen value), 3kg of citrus fruits from Ehime (5,000 yen value), and 2kg of potatoes and onions from Hokkaido (1,300 yen value).

The film itself stars Kou Shibasaki as a woman named Rinco who returns home to live with her eccentric mother (Kimiko Yo) after losing her voice due to the psychological effects of a particularly traumatic heartbreak. Utilizing a small storage room beside her mom's house, Rinco starts a tiny restaurant where she accepts one reservation at a time, putting all her effort into intricately crafted meals and healing herself in the process. Additionally, animations and computer-generated images are used throughout the film to create a unique fantasy world.


Here's the latest teaser, recently added to the film's official website:

"Rinco's Restaurant" will open nationwide in Japan starting on February 6, 2010.


Magical Japanese film about a girl, Rinco, whose boyfriend leaves her, so she opens a restaurant. Only, it's a 'menuless' restaurant, and she has a special talent for telling the customers what they want.


*I proud to highly



What a nice way to end my time. Sigh.

"Put your heart into anything and results can be magical!"

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