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The Woman

21-year-old artist to watch in 2011.


Computer Magic
Electronic Fences EP (2011)

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Computer Magic is the solo project of 21-year-old DJ/blogger Danielle (she goes by Danz). She moved from Rock Hill in upstate New York (population: 1,056) to New York City in 2008 to attend Hunter College. Danz started doing Computer Magic a few months ago in her downtime between school, DJing, and graphic designing. She makes bedroom electronic pop music that feels equally whimsical, claustrophobic, and ethereal. “Electronic Fences” was inspired by the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? You can hear children playing behind the song’s arpeggiated keyboard, making this song feel as if it were inspired by the isolating, introverted act of reading itself, not just the book. (If you ever skipped recess to finish a book, you understand.) “On VHS” has a slightly tropic vibe, while “Teenage Ballad” was partially inspired by The Graduate (she sings about getting good grades and not pissing off parents). It’s the kind of music the female leads in Sofia Coppola movies would make. She’s sharing a bunch of MP3s, so get busy:

She loves movies like Barbarella, Zardoz, Outland, The Man Who Fell To Earth, and 2001: A Space Odyssey.


All about

Computer Magic

Computer Magic was created in the Winter of 2010 in Brooklyn.

CM consists of Danz. Originally, Danz is from upstate New York, she moved to Brooklyn after graduating high school.

Computer Magic has been making demos and putting them up online for free, there are no official hard releases (yet).

For live shows, James Morley plays guitar, Justin Coles plays bass, Chris Egan plays drums.

If you’re interested in contacting Computer Magic, please e-mail:

If you’ve picked up the newest issue of the New Yorker — one of my favorite magazines, by the way! — you may have noticed that KH005 artist Computer Magic got a little love from the Night Life crew! The band’s show this Wednesday, November 24 at Pianos in NYC was featured as a show to catch and was filled with lots of glowing complements! (Seriously! Being called an act with “a fully formed set of aesthetic concerns” is pretty incredible by any standard.) The band has also been featured on Stereogum a handful of times.

Our tape with the Brooklyn-based one-girl recording project of Danielle Johnson — which expands to a band for live performances — will be the first-ever physical Computer Magic release! We can’t tell you everything about KH005 just yet, but this will be totally different from any release we’ve done so far! Look for Computer’s Magic’s Get a Job in January 2011

The volumes of great music that artists and bands have been sending in over the past few months is impressive, and taking time to get through – literally hundreds. And so we have to keep slimming down the list to make it realistic. Today we are adding five more bands to watch in 2010.

A couple of weeks ago, we received some tracks from 21-year-old Danielle (last name unknown), who also goes by the nickname Danz. Danz, who is a DIY musician living in New York City, is better known in the musical realm as Computer Magic. She plays guitar and synthesizer, and writes and composes lo-fi indie rock and glo-fi music. And we hope she keeps doing so, because we heart Computer Magic.

Computer Magic is heavily influenced by old sci-fi films and Philip K. Dick books, in addition to many artists, including Belle & Sebastian, Animal Collective and David Bowie.

BTW Computer Magic, aka DJ/blogger Danielle, will be recording sometime this fall. In the meantime she’s been writing and recording new songs, bundling them into mini-EPs for download through her website. “Victory Gin” is her latest track, and it’s inspired by 1984. Victory Gin is a powerful drink that makes you feel like you’ve been hit in the head in the novel. Hard to associate anything dark or dystopian with this sweet, guileless track:

Danielle also put together some of the songs we posted last time — “On VHS,” “Electronic Fences” with some new songs, like the title track to the EP, “Hiding From Our Time” for a free downloadable seven-song EP. That cover works well with her music: innocent, whimsical, and dreamy, with its head in space, rather than in the clouds. Have a listen to “Hiding From Our Time,” and download the EP here. This track kicks off the EP, hence the dramatic opening synth chords:

- Computer Magic -
"One of our missed Best Synthepop album Artist to Watch in 2011!"


"Quite exciting, this computer magic!"


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