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New Modern Classic...this Sunday on ftv with Hana!

Porter Classic

the starring Hana!
this Sunday on ftv!


Fashion TV
The starring Hana!

And how the exhibition's full mimoe be held this week, and make Asakusa T-shirt workshop will also debut
... is a lot of content as Porter Classic.

SKY TV and light, and it can be seen from Fashion TV and the iPhone app also iPad.

Day after tomorrow, will be broadcast on Sunday.
(>_<) You have time please have a look at your

今週のTOKYO GIRLSはポータークラシック(porter classic)銀座のショップ店員、吉田花さんをフィーチャー致します。

ポー タークラシック(porter classic)銀座で働く姿を始め、本邦初公開の浅草工房でのTシャツプリント作業など、彼女のブランドに対する熱い思いを語ってくれました。

Porter classic form began working at the Ginza and Asakusa work T-shirt printing workshop for the first time in Japan, and talks to her passion for the brand.


In addition, private, public and private both in terms of a good illustrator and her fans mimoe I went to play solo, her approach the real face of love and dreams for the future, such as歳Rashii 18.

ポータークラシック(porter classic)
2007年Made in Japanにこだわり、世界基準での物作りをコンセプトに設立。流行にとらわれることなく、長年に渡って愛され続けるアイテムを展開し日本の伝統文化、職 人の高い技術に敬意を払い変わることのない本質に新しいエッセンスを加え独自の視点や感覚で新しいスタイルを提案する。2010年カバンブランド KICHIZO(キチゾウ)全国展開スタート。

classic Porter (porter classic)
Made in Japan to stick to 2007, established the concept of making things in the world standards. Without worrying epidemic, traditional Japanese culture continue to expand the items to be loved for many years, proposes a new style with a unique perspective and sense of adding new essence abiding respect for nature in the high technology of craftsmen be. 2010 brand bags KICHIZO (Kichizou) Start nationwide.

First broadcast July 31 ▼ (Sun) 16:00

Rebroadcast August 01 ▼ (Mon) 2:10 ~

August 02 (Tue) 24:10 ~

August 03 (Wed.) 20:10 ~

August 04 (Thu) 4:10 ~

August 05 (Fri) 24:10 ~

August 06 (Sat) 8:10 ~



Fashion TV






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Fashion TV

Scheduled to air July 31, 16:00


Yoshida Porter's classic starring the flowers

SKY, TV light, or

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"Hana blossom on Sunday!"

the portastylistic

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