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Hot and Covered...Sretsis—Up in the Clouds

‘Up in the Clouds’
Autumn/Winter 2011-12 in TOKYO!


Up in the Clouds
「report by YOUka

I went to Autumn&Winter Collection Press Party of SRETSIS on Tuesday the 28th.
There was also Matina Amanita's accessory collection in the theme of "Mathilda and her Gypsy Prince".
Matina Amanitaのジュエリーコレクションもありましたょ☆

The theme of this season's collection for Sretsis was "Up in the Clouds".
The space seemed like art installation space using high ceiling playfully, which brings you into a fantasy world up in the clouds.

SRETSISの今季のテーマは、'Up in the Clouds' 「雲の上の世界」でした!
高い天井を活かしたとっても遊び心のあるインスタレーション形式となっていて、なんだか雲の上のファンタジーワールドへ 行ったみたい!

This dress print is the main print for this season, which is based on the collection theme.
このドレスの柄が今回のコレクションの テーマに沿って作られたメインのプリント柄です!

Look up in the sky and what do you see in the clouds?
Some clouds might look like birds and another one may look like an unicorn!
At night, the stars may be shining between the clouds, lighting up the darkness.
Inspired by this idea, Sretsis created the collection.
The main print of clouds comes in several colors representing different time of the day, such as daytime, sunset, and night.
Out of all the colores, I really loved the night sky version of the print with some stars and some clouds silhouette glowing in the night sky!

私は一番夜の空のバージョンが好きでした!暗いネイビースカイに星が光っていて、雲をてらしている感じがとっても素敵でし た!

I fell in love with the crystals and glass beads designs done on the dresses. I can tell that the designer is putting her attention to every small details of clothes to make them original and unique (and of course to make them super kawaii!) I also adore the feminine silhouette of dresses and the use of delicate fabrics!

ドレスなどのクリスタルとかガラスビースを使ったとても細かな手の凝った装飾にとっても惚れ込んでしまいまし た!
デザイナーさんがあらゆる細かなところまでも気にかけて、オリジナルのユニークな洋服達へと作り上げたのがよく わかりますょね!(もちろんかわいさもプラスしながら!)
SRETSISのフェミニンなドレスの シルエットとか、繊細な素材を使ったデザインがとても好きです!



Going along with the theme, there are many pegasus and bambi motif rings, necklaces, and earrings.
I especially liked this pegasus ring!!!!! soooo cute!!
The earrings of pegasus with a feather was so playful and interesting!!!
This is used on the cover of NYLON JAPAN of this month.


The designers of Sretsis.
They are three sisters! (Pim, Kly and Matina Sukhahuta).

*Did you already noticed that the brand name can be read sisters if you read backwards? ;D

Special thanks report by YOUka


Autumn/Winter 2011-12

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