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The Cosy Survey:04—Bann Makok; the getaway

The Cosy Survey~04
'Urban escapes'
Koh Kood Island., Trat


— Preface
Cities from Bangkok to Trat work because when you really need to get away they have rural, beach or island retreats on the doorstep. Here are one urbanite playgrounds.

Bann Makok
the gataway

Little known outside of Bangkok, but a hour speed boat out from its small port lham zork., Trat to Koh Kood island "a hidden place amidst nature" is Bann Makok; the getaway. Place folk come here for the adventurous including swimming, boating, skin diving and relaxing just for all day - although some, like island life.

Said to be blessed with the most sun in Koh Kood Island, a popular destination in itself and a convenient speed boat ride away.

Along with clean hospitals and punctual buses, our a hidden place should have a cosy feel to them. Let's hear it for warm wood room area, key to quality of life and creating liveable Traveler. We took a tour of our favourite cosy places along the way.


Bangkok to Lham zork port, Trat
4 hours

Lham zork port to Bann Makok, Koh Kood Island
One hour

Play all day...sleep all night... This is our island life!

Cosy credentials

Folklore house has it that room, a pretty, small places. Good transport links - About a hour by speed boat, outdoor-focused from city. So it's free service to good hospitals by people and small businesses are choosing to come here.

Things to do
01 Take a trip to Skin diving the Island by Quality speed boat with lunch box for save the beach.
02 Swim or skinny-dip (local-style) in one of the gorgeous kayak boat.
03 Everything good in menu.

Three reasons to move here:
01 The free wi-fi lets you work on the go, quality drop-out spot for routine work
02 We like to catch our dinner.
03 Away from big cities, no TV, quiet Island life with sparkling book. A refined and relaxing mix Hobo house and Brazilian beat Porta's favourite.



"Everyone say love!!"

the portastylistic

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