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The Ultimate Man

Here’s a bit of fun. Paul sent me these images from a 1978 book published in the US by Berkley Windhover.

This is the typographic era that many current magazines like to reference, so it shouldn’t be surprising to find similarities with Fantastic Man – check those rules round the page. You can also see elements of Self Service in the thick-thin serif headlines.

No suggestion that anyone’s ripping anyone off, but clearly this kind of serious, unironic (I think – though those combat shorts, above, might be stretching that assumption!) approach to the question ‘what is a man?’ is precisely what Fantastic Man has been parodying these past few years.

And wouldn’t this shot fit well onto their pages?


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A Guide Magazine

Here’s a new magazine that’s been sat on my desk for some time. So long, in fact, that I’ve skipped straight to issue two, above. A Guide Magazine is published in Vienna, and comes in two parts bound together – the main part a culture magazine, the second part a guide to the city of Vienna. Hence the name.

Each issue has a theme. The first looked at Craft, the second, as you can see, Horses, starting with this wonderful set of images by Beate Geissler and Oliver Sann (above and cover).

The design is perhaps best summed up as a denser, more complex version of Fantastic Man. That implies it is derivitive, but it’s not merely a copyist. Art director Albert Handler and designer Anouk Rehorek have fashioned a sophisticated grid system that allows much more subtlety than the plainer Fantastic Man, while the editorial avoids the tongue-in-cheek irony of that magazine.

Using a theme as glue for content can sometimes restrict the scope of that content, but A Guide Magazine takes its themes as broadly as possible. Issue two is the nearest thing you’ll find to a lifestyle title for horses; it unearths Kiehls’ range of horse grooming products, examines the the business of flying racehorses to events and visits Vienna’s famous Spanish Riding school.

Most importantly of all, the magazine feels good. The textured finish to the cover stock, the mix of matt and silk papers, the slightly smaller format listings section (below) bound by rubber band – this is truly modern magazine that justifies its existence as a piece of print rather than being shifted online. Good editorial, good design, good production.

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- The Leader -

FANTASTIC MAN Issue #11, for the Spring/Summer of 2010.
The long-awaited new issue of FANTASTIC MAN, the gentleman’s style journal, has just been published, and has much to commend itself. On the cover is the artist Mr. WOLFGANG TILLMANS, on the eve of a major exhibition this summer at the SERPENTINE GALLERY in London. Also featured is Mr. ALEXIS TAYLOR of HOT CHIP, the legendary specimen of masculinity Mr. FABIO LANZONI, and the celebrated journalist Mr. BOB COLACELLO. These extensive profiles sit alongside an array of fashion proposals for the vacations, as well as FANTASTIC MAN’sFantastic Man)

FANTASTIC MAN Magazine Website


- New Sister -
the gentlewoman


»DOUBLE DUTCH: Look who’s a cover girl — Celine’s creative director, Phoebe Philo, gets the honors for the launch issue of The Gentlewoman, the sister magazine to Dutch title Fantastic Man that hits newsstands on March 22, 2010. Inside is a profile of Philo and a shoot by David Sims, styled by Camilla Nickerson with the designer posing in her own clothes and both vintage and current Celine looks. »It’s about modernity and women that are just fantastic,« said Penny Martin, the biannual magazine’s editor in chief. »Phoebe was very candid about herself, her mother and silhouette and inspirations.«

The 148-page launch issue also features a profile on American artist Jenny Holzer, with portraits of the artist taken by Wolfgang Tillmans. There are also feature articles on DJ Princess Julia, open water swimmer Lynne Cox, winemaker Sara Perez and Kazuyo Sejima, the Japanese architect and the first woman to be appointed as director of the architecture sector for the Venice Biennale.

Contributors in the issue include design critic Alice Rawsthorn, fashion designer Louise Gray and model Daisy Lowe. Martin is aiming to showcase female photographers, too. Alexandra Catiere snapped the fine jewelry section with male models clasping a myriad of fine jewels.

With the backing of Fantastic’s creative director Jop van Bennekom and publisher, Gert Jonkers, the new fashion title will have a circulation of 72,000. A page of advertising costs 8,500 pounds, or roughly $13,000 at current exchange. Among advertisers in the first issue are Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Celine, Christian Dior and Y-3. The Gentlewoman will hit the stands with a cover price of 7.80 euros, or $10.95.« (WWD)


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