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Angels Woman...Saint Lou Lou

The Woman

— from Sweden/Australia

Saint Lou Lou

*I proud to highly, highly..y

With its sleepy, minor chord synths and innate sense of longing for what could have been, Saint Lou Lou's debut single feels like the perfect end-of-summer song. In fact, the disparity between the seasons and climates infuses everything about the music made by twins Elektra and Miranda Kilbey, the pair splitting their time between the crisp winters of Sweden and the balmy summers of Australia. Since a demo version of this song emerged online a couple of months ago, the pair – who only recently finished school – have featured on nearly every music blog and Maybe You has recently been released via the ever-trendy French label Kitsuné. For their first ever video – premiered here – they've worked with fashion director Philippe Tempelman to create a gorgeous, Herb Ritts-esque visual representation of the song featuring slow panning shots of beautiful people in beautiful locations. Like the song itself, the whole thing burns with an underlying sense that everything is not as it seems.

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 Hotel Amour (Taken with Instagram)

All this beauty is underlined by a thread of sadness that is carried in both the music and the video, leaving the viewer with a sense of lamenting something that has passed and the uncertainty of what is to come next.

“Maybe You,” a hazy slice of heartbroken, fragile dream-pop. It’s layered like gauzy, loose chiffon – acoustic guitar strums heartfelt, ’80s-inspired chords, plinking piano notes follow along, plenty of sweeping haze hovers like thick, inscrutable fog around Elektra and Miranda Kilbey’s interwoven harmonies. It’s easy to feel like playing it too loud might break it, but listen in headphones to get the full, 360-degree effect of that soft bass pulse and that heartrendering, otherworldly chorus.

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Twin Sisters Elektra And Miranda have created something that perfectly captures the mood of a Summer’s end, using synths to create a sense of hazy warmth and fragile futures.

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“Reflects the feeling of the track in every sense!”

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