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Hot and Covered...TOKYO SKY TREE x mina perhonen

× mina perhonen
‘Staff uniforms!’ 
Design represents the heart of hospitality!


"Improvement of functionality"
Tobu Tower Sky Tree is four days, has announced the staff to wear uniforms, etc. observatory of the "Tokyo Sky Tree". Design, brand "Peruhonen Mina" is due to (Mr. Akira Minagawa designer), the same uniform is worn from the time the opening of May 22, 2012.

 The uniform was announced, the staff "sense and the future of innovation as a symbol of new Japan" was appointed "design represents the heart of hospitality" to have a sense of anticipation happily to the eye, a leading designer in Japan, to wear rice that was the concept of three-conscious comfort of the "Improvement of functionality."
Of uniform design, the type 7 differ by type (Director, induction, information, ticket counters, shops, cleaning, induction parking lot) there is, with respect to occupations that serve both men and women, even for men and women for the design of have been published.
Minagawa said the designer, the most important I wanted to "spend fun fun of Tokyo Sky Tree is a feeling that all people spend time in Tokyo Sky Tree. By the customer. Human work is fun work. Such joy and commented that "if you wish from the heart and memory for everyone is familiar with the views of the uniform along with the smile of this when I visited I wanted to create a uniform can be felt. the Tokyo Sky Tree.



Ticket Counter


May 22, 2012 (Tuesday) scheduled to open "Tokyo Sky Tree Town ®". Staff uniforms to be worn by its core, such as the observatory of the Tokyo Sky Tree was announced. 
Design, serves as the chief designer Akira Minagawa, Mina Peruhonen. Worked on the design of the uniforms for all occupations 7 cleaning crew, to induce induction relationships and parking information, from the ticket counter.
The concept of a "uniform, I wanted to make the uniform you can feel the joy of working staff is to make fun of all the time people spend in the Sky Tree. Here, who came also. This uniform However, with "I hope to be a pleasant landscape of memory, Mr. Minagawa said in a press release.
In Japan, all of uniform material, and production. After receiving the request of the uniform design from Tobu Sky Tree Tower Co., Ltd., in collaboration with factories and production areas with advanced technology brand has been built a trust relationship so far. Have been produced over a period of approximately one year. In particular, the beauty of textiles is an identity of the brand is what's best. For the staff of the ticket counter, one-piece of the tower motif, the dot pattern such as that is transparent jacquard. Shop staff jacket drape is made of soft linen. This philosophy, shop staff to communicate directly with our customers, is also a consideration for the job and to be a calm friendly impression. Adorable even Tower motif seen in the scarf dress or in charge of induction, "as well as a symbol of Japan Sky Tree, was a strong sense of being a fun place as amusement space" is represented that I think of Mr. Minagawa called that. Let inflated image "SKYTREE", from this word, blue and white, green color is key.
  Beliefs and creation of "clothes feel high whenever wear clothes without fading by the passage of time, to learn everyday," Mina Peruhonen has continued to cherish 16 years, of making things with and craftsmen origin of domestic posture, breathe in Tokyo Sky Tree is a crystal of high domestic building technology. Sun is now looking forward to a visit from staff dressed in uniforms of Mina is Peruhonen work with vigor and enthusiasm, the Tokyo Sky Tree.
Tokyo Sky Tree is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower under construction in Sumida ward of Tokyo, Japan that is expected to be finished  in December 2011 and officially opened in Spring 2012. It would go against all things Japan if it didn’t have it’s own mascot and so the official mascot for the Tokyo Sky Tree was unveiled recently.

Meet Sorakara-chan, a girl with star-shaped hair who is from a planet called “Tongari”. She scanned the universe one day using her favorite telescope and apparently saw the 634 meter Sky Tree brightly piercing through the clouds, which enabled her to find he way to Japan and visit Tokyo!
Sorakara-chan, literally translates to mean “From the sky-chan” and she was chosen from competition run by Tobu Railway in which 28 advertising companies entered over 65 characters as they vied for the high profile branding opportunity

“All made in Japan!”

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