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Hot and Covered...Soup Stock Tokyo—"Charity"

Soup Stock Tokyo
Sales to support the reconstruction of areas damaged by earthquake in Northeast!


"Soup of changed France"
Are only available for a limited time!

Soup warmed us from the core body, but an indispensable gold menu chilly season (of course, in summer in the summer, but there is something refreshing cold soup that is comfortable for throat). "Soft-boiled egg and green peas soup French soup" of limited quantities from Soup Stock Tokyo to appear (Mon), the secret ingredient of the name came from France all the way and "affection" of "kindness" is entered on April 2 soup was a little special. Furthermore, who is also warm the hearts of those who were affected in the earthquake East, the hearts of the people who mouth the soup into a soup that he ─ ─ such.

Text by TANAKA Junko (OPENERS) Text by TANAKA Junko (OPENERS)
Photographs by Smiles Photographs by Smiles

Opportunity, the charity project started in the call for Akira Matsushima, via one-star chef

Named "Association of Japanese chefs stood up to" "Association Solidarite Chefs pour le Japon (Zion Associa-Soridarite Pooh Le Chef Japon)", chef active in Japan and France all over the , for a charity project was started by a call for reconstruction assistance via Akira Matsushima. I have witnessed people fill greeted with Jingumae operated by Tokyo March 11, 2011 ─ ─ that day "(Ai Restaurant) Restaurant-I", go home walking down the street in front of the store Meiji Mr. Matsushima was in, make a warm soup immediately with vegetables and material received from suppliers were left, that was handed out to everyone to open the store.

Mr. Matsushima was thinking after going back to France "What you can do something for Japan is not" and is determined to hold a charity dinner in cooperation with our French chef like-minded, over the provinces of France . In April 2011, held at "(Azul de Palais de la Mediterranee) Azur du Palais de la Mediterranee" in Nice, large subsidies that about 18,000 euros more than 150 attendees gathered the first time that Since the success, the circle of charity dinner to raise donations Avignon, Toulouse, and Puy Basque from Ryu VELAY is steadily spreading.

"French is working and I'm glad pleasing, because I love good food. Is not allergic at all for charity dinner. Money was gathered, arrives in the affected areas in a different form to the soup delicious" and Mr. Matsushima.

Underpinning this project in Japan 's charity Soup Stock Tokyo. Even now, years after the one from the earthquake, the people of the affected areas to send daily uneasy situation does not calm down yet, and'll let you eat a hot meal loving it I think, a part of the donations gathered at the charity dinner delivered to the affected areas have changed to (or curry) soup was developed in collaboration with chef Matsushima. November 2011 to about 6,200 food "curry of minced chicken and vegetables", on Christmas Day was delivered to the disaster area in addition to food 500 vegetable soup warm, but plans to continue to this activity performed in the future that.

Menu "Soup de France" special Japanese food culture to convey a rich French

Through the charity project, the company was also touched on the spirit of the French that attempt to share a time rich as well as the kindness of the French, and commitment deep for food, goods and delicious, to Japan along with the rich food culture that and bringing it, has developed a special menu "Soup de France (soup-de-France)" from September 2011 called. This is to make a soup named after the rich regional cuisine and specialties from around the individuality charity dinner will be held, only available for a limited time in all stores of Soup Stock Tokyo to suit the time of such events. Devote to those that support the reconstruction of affected areas in conjunction with the financial support from Soup Stock Tokyo, and a portion of its sales. Destination to assist and support the total amount will be announced at the company's website as soon as they are determined.

Once this series end in April also all six times, had been developed over six months. Special menus were sold so far, "Oriental soup of coconut" bullet first based on the recipe arrived from Mr. Matsushima in Nice begins (September 2011), Auvergne of lentils and green pork, "2nd soup stew the Wind "(November year-on-year) and third" "(January 2012), 4th" Pisuto~usupu Provençal style cassoulet of white beans and chicken production Tarbes "(February year-on-year) and fifth trip" cattle Basque-style stewed tomatoes for "a total of five types (March year).

This time, decorate the end of the series, the soup came from the famous Bordeaux wine region and as too. In the development, the Auberge "Les Sources de Caudalie (Les Soshisu de Kodari)" by Mr. Takayuki Uemura went to the local graphic designer Atsuko and Koori of the company's products, became the venue of the charity dinner chef, I got called to teach in person delicate cuisine while taking the goodness of the original material from Mr. Nicolas trout, shining effort and ideas.

Was developed by a hint of Mr. trout recipe that "soft-boiled egg and green peas soup French" is French home cooking soup taste like spring to finish the production of pellets Greenpeace France. Greenpeace has been harvested while young, the flavor will explode in the mouth contains a variety of vegetables and plenty of mushrooms, bacon, anchovies, etc., and a variety of flavor, and one mouth. Eating soft-boiled egg to the soup break while accompanied by a faint scent of cumin to recommend it.

This season's remaining chill in the air, drink this soup and the kindness of our French chef stood up to Mr. Matsushima of Japan still chock-full, you want people thinking of evacuation of affected areas continues to live today .

"Soft-boiled egg and green peas soup French" Soup de France sixth
Sales time | 13 to April 2 (Mon) (Fri.)
Price yen | Regular Cup Large Cup (250cc) = 610 円 (350cc) = 770円

Soup Stock Tokyo Contact
Tel. 0120-961-573 (toll free)

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We left for the Narita airport very happy to fine Soup Stock Tokyo, Umm Yumm!!
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Soup warmed us!

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