Friday, November 25, 2011

New Modern Classic...mimoe "shadows" to Tokyo!

Cutting photo exhibition to TOKYO!


Gallery Porter Classic
'Shadow' show next!

Gallery Porter Classic


切り絵はmimoe。写真は YANOJIN

Gallery Porter Classicでの展示は今回で3度目になります。

ちなみに、Gallery Porter Classicの壁は私自身の作品でもあります。


Cutting exhibition mimoe "Shadow"
2011.12.1thu ~ 12.29thu11: 00 ~ 20:00
Gallery Porter Classic

cut out a picture,
I dropped to the ground from a standing astonished Yomaenokagewo match.

Cutting is mimoe.
Photo Yanojin .

Cutting shade photo exhibition was held in Fukuoka in October, coming to Tokyo!
Exhibition at Gallery Porter Classic is now the third time.

Incidentally, the walls of Gallery Porter Classic is also my own work.
I expressed the old blue and white fabric.
I am looking forward compatibility with the frame you made to Mr. Ito minorityrev the wall.

Thank you!

From the station
Directions to Ginza Porter Classic, please click here.

How to get from JR Shimbashi Station
How to get from JR Yurakucho Station
How to get from Tokyo Station

1-7 of 1 Arcade Arcade Uchisaiwaicho in Chiyoda-ku Tokyo International
Tel 03-5512-0150 Tel 03-5512-0150
11:00 to 20:00 seven days a week Hours

photo: 18


Gallery November
Military Pop show!

As well as war,







Porter Classic Gallery pleasing us with various exhibits and varied and unique experiences (Gallery Porter Classic) at Exhibition "Military Pop" has been held.

In this exhibition of the legendary rock festival held in the year 1969, "WOOD STOCK" to revive the modern concept of "Porter Classic" series of exhibition and sale of camouflage. Military items put in the gem "Love and Peace" The message of Would not it everyone is impressed.

The period is held next week, November 30 (Wed) to. This weekend would recommend that you try to stretch your legs come Ginza.

Exhibition - Gallery Porter Classic Military Pop
Holding period: 30 to 11 (Wed)


Going solo!

the portastylistic

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