Thursday, September 29, 2011

Porta's Look!...'Sumally' start?

‘Encyclopedia of things’
in the world aims, new social services from Japan!


A new concept of social services
from Japan
"Sumally" talking about it.

"Everything that exists in the world of the" Encyclopedia "making a" situation and that the goal of this site is?

Will be launched in early September, a new social site has become a sensitive topic around the layer, "Sumally (summary)" You may have heard?

sum (add) all the (all) together, "adding all raise" The site has a sense that "everything that exists in the world of the" Encyclopedia "to make a" target.
Like Wikipedia, but only like to hear this, "Where do we place" as well as basic information that, if anyone has it, or who is he wants.
What and who are selling.
An encyclopedia of the 2010s to cover up what there is of it, the founder of Sumally (yuan "GQ JAPAN" is also the editor) on behalf of Ken Yamamoto's claims. 

Seeing is believing, and not try to actually use it, be surprised that first light operability.
From the set of items of various genres that are registered tens of thousands already and what you have yourself is "Have it", to what you want is "Want it" which is really the mechanism very simple that will give surprising that this also very addictive behavior.
Of course, for items that are not yet registered on the database, "+ Sumally" It may be new to the use of a bookmarklet.

And one of the factors that led to the attention will be launched, "influencers", called the team the first time a user with full impact.
Fashion-beginning with the president Hiroshi Shitara of Beams, of course, such as the Ministry 綾小路 stage 氣志 and Kenichiro Mogi of brain science, since been named the various aspects of diversity indeed, the first to follow these users alone will be able to fully enjoy this service.

Attract the attention of a new service from Japan's top runner heat from industry, might not hurt to keep focused!

How to add "+ Sumally" bookmarklet




sum(足す)とall(すべて)を合わせた「すべてを足し上げる」という意味をもつこのサイトは、「この世界の存在するすべてのモノの“百科事典”を作 ること」が目標。これだけ聞くとまるでWikipediaのようだが、「どこどこの何々」という基本情報だけでなく、誰がそれをもっていて、誰が欲しがっ ているのか。そして誰が売っているのか。そこまでを網羅してこそ2010年代の百科事典である、というのが、Sumallyのファウンダーである(元 『GQ JAPAN』編集者でもある)山本憲資代表の主張だ。

百聞は一見にしかず、というわけで実際に使用してみると、まず驚かされるのはその軽快な操作性。すでに数万も登録されているさまざまなジャンルのアイテム 群から、自分がもっているモノには「Have it」、欲しいモノには「Want it」をつけていくというごくシンプルな仕組みなのだが、これが意外にも中毒性の高い行為。もちろん、まだデータベース上に登録されていないアイテムにつ いても、”+Sumally”というブックマークレットを使用することで新たに追加することが可能だ。

そして、ローンチするなり注目を集めることになった要因のひとつが、「インフルエンサー」と呼ばれる、影響力をもったユーザー陣の充実ぶり。ビームスの設 楽洋社長をはじめとしたファッション系はもちろんのこと、脳科学者の茂木健一郎や氣志團の綾小路翔など、実に多様な面々が名を連ねているので、最初はそれ らのユーザーをフォローするだけでも、充分にこのサービスを楽しむことができるだろう。



“want it—have it
Enjoy your
Encyclopedia today!

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