Friday, September 23, 2011

PERSONAL EFFECTS...My feet's best friends—Nike Air Woven

‘Porta's Style Best Friends’
Simple and they perfectly go with anything and everywhere!


My feet's best friends
Nike Air Woven
So many times pass away, may I think it like many people think like that.
If you are wearing a pair of shoes, you want to choose a shirt first or
just always wear the pants match in your style, It is often chosen after all.
In your mind...Places to go...your lifestyle?
But if you find shoes to wear first, just because it's new one.

Until, When I go on Adventures in TokyoSurvey Mid-year ago.
You probably know that, we walk a lot of it each day.
Shoes that are cool!, Great Label or including those trendy.
Did not meet the true face of it a little at all. When you go to travel and
your feet walk to the atmosphere around you on your program is a very tight.
when the morning come,
you will think about that!

Nike is where I looking for woven series. (Longtime i see the picture of
Mr.Katsu wear shoe from 70th Anniversary of Porter Book)
Around shop from Harajuku, for the first touch of Nike Lunar Chukka Woven
when i wear is... 'Fall in Love at first sight' so very soft and lightweight,
it is answer for comfortable walk and hurt disappear from my feet anymore.As for the style Nike Air Woven is a great looking slip-on for the summer.
extremely comfortable and durable. i love them! Colors you can
never go wrong with, Black colorways are perfect for the late spring season,
the perfect trainers to wear without socks in the summer heat.
Lightweight and easy to wear, the Nike Air Woven Men's Shoe gives you bold,
casual style. Mid-navy colorways are cutting edge style, and truly maverick
design paid off, For all indigo match 'One mile walk' on winter season.
Chaco with red colorways slip on shoe wear style, They are all in
bright color combination, so that they are perfect for the hot summer days.
A breakthrough in shoe creation, it's light weight and molds to the
unique shape of your foot. The perfect trainers to wear collaborate
within bright color piece.
The sneakers featured below are Considered one of their
most my popular lifestyle shoes, don't miss the Nike Air Woven Shoe.
the latest offerings from the Nike Air Woven and I picked up a pair
in black for an upcoming trip next year.

With these on, I can already tell that walking won't be such a chore,
thanks to
the unbelievable comfort they offer.And Mr.Katsu Yoshida from Porter Classic, my personal effect style icon,
I lean from your Coordination of Style.

“Gives it
a touch of class!”

the portastylistic

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