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pop*eye...Hitomi Shimazaki—SINGS UK CLASSICS (2011)



Hitomi Shimazaki

*I proud to highly

Hitomi Shimazaki puts her crystal clear voice to work covering some classic UK hits, ranging from punk and new wave to soul and jazz numbers. Features a top class line up of musicians including members of Little Tempo, TICA and Hirokazu Ogura.

12 inch single, "Kiss" sales over 3000 sales sheet is already in stores before the debut of Apple, regardless of your iPod and listen to the music chosen, the 250 two weeks at the Village Vanguard album Shimokitazawa shop mini no shortage of topics to selling singer, Shimazaki Hitomi finally finished the album! British punk, new wave soul from cover to jazz dance classic! A pleasant piece of her charming voice!

01. Each and Everyone (Everything But The Girl)
02. KID (The Pretenders)
03. There’s Nothing Like This (Omar)
04. Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Sade)
05. Long Hot Summer (The Style Council)
06. This Is Not A Love Song (PIL)
07. Got Me A Feeling (Misty Oldland)
08. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (The Smiths)
09. ALISON (Elvis Costello)
10. Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order)

Beautiful LP.

*Porta's favourite!*

Born in Fukui prefecture, Hitomi Shimazaki moved to Tokyo to attend music school, and while studying was scouted and ending up becoming an actress, starring in various television drama series. She later quit being an actress, however, and returned to her first love, music, ready to put her whole heart into it. Her first 12" single, released from Grand Gallery, has already sold over 3000 copies, and her debut album "Kuchizuke" will be released in April 2011 from Universal International's Delicious Deli Records.

"My personal favorite
Fresh new artist!"


“A pleasant piece of her charming voice!,
it's perfectly fine.”

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