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PERSONAL EFFECTS...Porter Classic—a second series of the remake of French vintage!

‘Porter Classic’
Using a highly rare vintage French 2nd remake series appeared!


Porter Classic
Ginza, Tokyo

「ポータークラシック(Porter Classic)」のフレンチヴィンテージのリメイクシリーズの第2弾として、クロップド丈のパンツが登場した。 製作の工程は前回の内容を継続している。希少性の高い1910年から1950年代の太畝のジョッパーズパンツやワークパンツを手作業で解体後、パターンを引き直し、シルエットを大幅に変更。膝や裾、ポケットやベルトループには、オリジナルの生地やハギレを当てて補修を行っている。リサーチから製作そのどれもが非常にハイレベルで他社では決してつくり出せないオリジナリティに溢れている。 このシリーズの魅力は、ベースとなったヴィンテージともまた違った魅力を打ち出しているということに尽きるのだが、これはポータークラシックすべてのモノつくりへ通じる理念といっても過言ではない。過去と現在を繋ぐことではじめて成立するクリエイションは、クリエイティブでウルトラマニアック、それでいて親しみやすいムードが備わっている。

パンツ 79,800円[税込]

[問] Porter Classic 銀座
tel: 03−5512−0150

"Classic Porter (Porter Classic)" as a second series of the remake of French vintage, cropped-length pants appeared. Production process is continuing what the last. After dismantling by hand work pants and wide-wale Jodhpur pants of the 1950's from a highly rare 1910, re-draw the pattern significantly changed the silhouette. Knee and hem, a pocket or belt loop, doing a repair place your own fabrics and crisp. Others at a very high level in the production of any research that is full of originality 出Senai never made​​. Appeal of this series, but the ending to that has come up with vintage appeal was based on different again, this is no exaggeration to say all of philosophy leading to the Porter classic is not manufacturing. Holds the first creation by connecting past and present, Ultra Maniac creative,yet is equipped with a friendly atmosphere.

photo:Masaki Sato
text:Tsuneyuki Tokano

Japanese label Porter Classic have provided their distinctive vintage critique to another impressive piece with this cropped work pant. The outcome is reminiscent of French styling, with a combination of the jodhpur fitting and the cropped finish the most interesting part of the pant is the deconstructed combination of materials. Combining a corduroy base, the patchwork is applied through multiple layers of corduroy while the plaid lining and small detailing provides a nice finish.

Always adding a creative flair to their designs, Japanese label Porter has just introduced these pants as part of its Porter Classic range. Inspired by French vintage cropped-length styles, the trousers are a combination of work pants and wide-wale Jodhpur pants that have been dismantled and re sewn by hand. After redrawing the pattern and changing the silhouette, the vintage pants have been given a more modern and contemporary appeal. Priced at ¥79,800 (approximately $995 USD), the pants come in two distinct versions and are available for purchase through select stockists.

Porter Classic Gallery
Ginza, Tokyo

Special Interview

"One of my personal
Style Icon effects!"

Porter Classic


"Hobo French classic!"

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