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Angels Woman...Heidi Happy

The Woman

the Swiss alternative folk singer.


Heidi Happy
Hiding With The Wolves (2011)

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At first listen, nothing seems to be particularly noteworthy or special about Heidi Happy's new album. Sure, it is virtually interchangeable with her other works but Hiding With The Wolves slowly reveals layers of heartbroken beauty. The pretty vocals are immediately appealing, giving the spare instrumentation plenty of atmosphere. The songs' lyrics are sometimes abstract, retelling specific scenes to the songwriter but lending themselves permeable to the listener's own situations. It's a technique that Heidi Happy knows to well. Her delicately jazzy croons are just the ticket for those moments when you want to wind down.


Heidi Happy
Flowers, Birds and Home! (2009)

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It's daunting when any album begins with a timpani and bars of classical dramatics, but the moment that Heidi Happy's (aka Priska Zemp) voice launches over the orchestrated musical journey, you are in safe hands. She pulls from classical and jazz and backs this up using flute, violin, viola, cello, vibes, Fender Rhodes and, even glockenspiel. But some of her most touching moments happen when paring back and using simple guitar and voice to tell a love song.

Although she was honoured as the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation's 'Swiss Top' winner in 2007 for her music, the bright-eyed Lucerne Rock City pop singer only officially began her recording career in 2005. O-o-oh, the first single on "Flowers, Birds and Home" is perhaps the best direction on how to approach the singer whose feet stand in pools of indie alternative folk and pop jazz at the same time.

Choosing to write and produce with the authority of a well-travelled singer-songwriter, Heidi Happy's tunes are filled with a nascent dark romanticism. There is an old-timey modernism here, one that takes artful to a new level. Everything is full and acutely personal.


Heidi Happy
Back Together (2007)

I Proud To Recommended!!!*

When I first heard the music of Heidi Happy it was very soothing to my ears. Heidi Happy is an acoustic folk pop artist from Switzerland. Priska Zemp was born a musical talent. Her mother is a classically trained soprano, her father sings in several choirs. In April 2005 Priska Zemp decided to pursue her solo career as Heidi Happy. Her enchanting pop music and smooth vocals reminds me of a cross between Corinne Bailey Rae and Leigh Nash.


All about

Heidi Happy

Lucerne, Switzerland

Priska Zemp was born with a musical talent. Her mother is a classically trained soprano, her father sings in several choirs. Also her sister and brothers are busy in bands. During the last ten years Priska Zemp has gathered experience as a singer and composer in different bands. It more and more became the number one thing in her life. In April 2005 she started her solo career as Heidi Happy. Just two years later she has hit her peak. By the end of 2006 she won a reward (Werkbeitrag) from the city and kanton of Lucerne, Switzerland, wherewith she produced her first album Back Together on Little Jig Records/Irascible Distribution.

Record release party: march 23, 2007 @ Schüür, Lucerne, Switzerland.
support: clara luzia, austria

Everything that Heidi sings has passed her heart a million times. It’s all stories, that make her sad or happy, that made her scream, cry or even puke.
While she’s singing these stories, one has the feeling that her heart might soon fall out her mouth.
No matter if you start being tired of all these singer- songwriters, or if you think the turquoise of her guitar doesn’t match her shirt; the songs, her voice, the combination of beautiful melodies and unscrupulously personal lyrics make your heart dance in a different world.
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"Beautiful melodies make your heart dance in a different world!"


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