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New Modern Classic...New York's Most Stylish Man

New York's
‘Most Stylish Man’
The Vote by jakedavis!


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I'm not totally sure what defines a New Yorker whether you're born here, live here, or inspire here. But these are some of my favorite stylish men that have incredible influence in these parts. I don't know about you but I'm always left scratching my head when major publications award the most stylish men. Aren't you???

The rules are simple. Write your top 3 most stylish men in the comments section. You can vote as many times as you like. Leave your real names, fake names, anonymity, whatevs. If you don't see your favorite stylish man that's no reason not to vote for him. Designer, stylist, editor, artist, blogger... It doesn't matter. If you think you're the most stylish man... That's cool too. Let us know. You know you're just as curious as I am. I'll be posting the results next week. Expect Test Shots of the top guys you vote for.

Mark McNairy
Position: Designer: New Amsterdam
/ Creative Director: Woolrich Woolen Mills


Why: He's been designing and influencing style (68 & Brothers, McNairy Brothers Makers, J. Press) long before Typepad fell in love with his radically unique perspective on classic menswear. McNasty ain't afraid to say fuck you with a smile and wink in every stitch of his designs.
Glenn O'Brien
Position: The Style Guy


Why: He's smarter than you. Dresses better than you. Talks better than you. Writes better than you. And for some reason you're not mad at him. The man started TV Party for god's sake. Pounds of respect.
Waris Ahluwalia
Position: Jewelry Designer: House of Waris
/ Actor


Why: The only other guy you know who wears Birkenstocks with a sportcoat at Boom... In the Winter. You'd probably rock a turban if your friends wouldn't start being overly concerned. Or maybe you just haven't seen one for sale at A.P.C. He definitely owns his incredibly chic style.
Doug Bihlmaier
Position: Head of Ralph Lauren Vintage


Why: He's the reason you obsess about RRL and the nuances of hand dyed indigo bandanas and hickory stripe chore jackets. His homeless chic look probably costs more than your entire closet. How? You're still trying to figure that out.
Mobolaji Dawodu
Position: Stylist: The Fader


Why: Why not.
Josh Peskowitz
Position: Men's Style Director: Gilt Groupe


Why: Pesko mixes and matches high and low like no one else in this city. Whether it's a surplus camo jacket from Church Street or a Piombo double-breasted number, you have to admit the man looks simultaneously effortless and crispy. Don't front like you haven't stolen a couple of his looks from the Tumblrs.
Tommy Ton
Position: Street Style Photographer:
Jak & Jil / GQ


Why: An incredible knack for detail and nuance in both fashion and style. His eyes catch things you only see in a blur two blocks away. He translates that quite smoothly to his own personal taste and sensibility.
Nick Wooster
Position: Men's Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf Goodman


Why: Black and yellow. Black and yellow. Black and yellow. Black and yellow. Wait... Fuck is that charcoal?... Midnight navy? Anyway you get the idea.
Joshua Kissi
Position: Blogger: Street Etiquette


Why: The kid has serious swa... Nope, you can't use that word anymore... Josh is one of the most stylish youths of the generation after you. Constantly changing and evolving into his own entity by appropriating from so many different cultures. He makes you think, "What were you wearing when you were 20?"
Mordechai Rubinstein
Position: Blogger: Mister Mort
/ Concept Designer: Levi's


Why: It's been said the man lives to complain about clothing. There's never a dull moment on his twitter feed or his kits. His truly unique and humorous sensibility leaves you wishing you either thought of that or dared to try.
Angelo Urrutia
Position: Designer: Engineered Garments


Why: Who else is rocking a Yankee fitted with a yellow Jamaican mesh tank top as a layer? That's a sartorial rhetorical... Never mind. His references and taste are far deeper and reaching than yours. And he's the only dude who owns more chambray than you.
Mos Def
Position: Rapper / Actor


Why: You've been studying his style since he hosted Def Poetry late night on HBO and inconspicuously taking mental notes when you'd hang out at Union. Simply stated... Ghetto Rock.
Andy Spade
Position: Co-founder: Partners & Spade
/ Founder: Jack Spade


Why: You thought sloppy cuffed denim and Desert Clarks was your idea?... Fuck outta here.
Brendon Babenzien
Position: Creative Director: Supreme
/ Designer: Aprix / Noah


Why: The man was wearing and designing wax finishes a decade before J. Crew caught up. Always at least three chess moves ahead of you by spinning traditional classics on their conservative head. His sensibility is something like a week long Shane MacGowan bender at The Carlyle.


Philip Crangi
Position: Jewelry Designer, Giles & Brother

Why: Jewelry designer Philip Crangi has always drawn inspiration from history; Greco-Roman artifacts, Baroque ironwork, Japanese armor are but a few of the references found in his work.


"Style effects!"

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