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PortaStyle Guide...10 Essentials—Philip Crangi


-Vol 20
|10 Essentials
-Philip Crangi-
The bearded, tatted man-jewelry expert lets us in on his secrets to rugged, personal style


-Ten Essentials-
—by Ren McKnight
Photo: Courtesy of Philip Crangi

There aren't many dudes we know who have more gritty, personal style than Philip Crangi. His rugged, weathered rings, bracelets, and necklaces are tough enough to silence even the fiercest of anti-man-jewelry advocates. He first launched his line Giles & Brothers back in 2001, but last year he opened up his first store, The Crangi Family Project, with his sister in a snug, elegant space in New York's Meatpacking District. Here, he lets GQ in on the ten things that his well-established uniform consists of. We heed you to cop a thing or three.

—1. My Smudge Remover
Vintage Hankerchiefs

After one or two winters with the beard, I realized that tissues weren't going to work. Plus, if you try to drink a draft beer or eat a sandwich in public, it's a mess without a handkerchief. So pretty soon after growing out my beard I started collecting bandannas. I've gotten into all the different classic bandanna patterns, and I have probably 50 or 60 in all different colors, all different patterns. I look for vintage ones specifically because they're softer.
Photo: Elissa Wiehn

—2. My Trusted Blizzard Fighter
Barbour Jacket

I've really put some love into my vintage Barbour jacket with countless re-waxings, which have given it that beautiful finish. I bought it six years ago at Camden Market in London from this Japanese vintage dealer. There were people standing around watching and the dealer said, "Congratulations." I didn't realize I'd just made a kind of major purchase.
Photo: Elissa Wiehn

—3. Written in Ink

The tattoo across my chest says, "Je ne regrette rien." Translation: "I regret nothing." That's sort of my motto for tats. I have lots of small ones, but I think of them as one thing—this map of my life. I never cover them up.
Photo: Ben Watts

—4. Wrap Star
Inhabit Cashmere Scarf

I get a cold neck, I can't help it, I'm from Florida. My best friend, Susie Cho, designs this line, and every year she gives me the new scarf of the season. This one is cashmere, and as soon as it gets the slightest bit chilly I put it on.
Photo: Courtesy of Inhabit

—5. The Ring of Power
Signet Ring

This ring has an intaglio—fancy word for a carving—of Aries on it. I'm not an Aries sign, but who cares? I bought it at Brimfield a few years ago and wear it every single day.
Photo: Elissa Wiehn

—6. Kick in the Sand
Adidas Rod Lavers

There's a pair of Adidas Rod Lavers that I bought in LA in 1998 that are so ratty, but they're my favorite shoes to wear at the beach. They have a green sole, and I've switched them out with navy blue laces. I wear out new ones and throw them away all the time, but I've still kept that ancient pair.

—7. My Time-Telling Machine
Hermès Watch

My sister bought an Hermès Cape Cod watch for me for my 35th birthday. I'm very particular and I really wanted one with a black face—usually they have a white face. (A note too that, unlike the one pictured, mine has a green strap.) I have a couple watches, but this is the one I wear all the time. You can dress it up or you can dress it down in the same way some people might with a Cartier Tank.
Photo: Courtesy of Hermès

—8. How I Put the World On Blast
Tivoli Model One Radio

When I'm working through ideas and designing, I find it really distracting to listen to music, so I listen to New York public radio on AM or audio books. The classic Model One Tivoli is my radio of choice, because it's really low-key and it has the warmest sound.
Photo: Courtesy of Tivoli

—9. You Can Take the Hippie Off the Commune, But...
Santa Maria Novella Cologne

I come from hippie stock, and I really love the smell of patchouli. Most colognes are too overwhelming for me. This one from Santa Maria Novella is really clean and classic. It shows off the purity of patchouli too.
Photo: Courtesy of Santa Maria Novella

—10. My Defining Feature
Giles & Brothers Earring

A few years ago I decided I wanted to start wearing an earring again, so I opened up the hole I gave myself when I was 14. Like the beard, it's part of my look. This earring is from my Giles and Brother collection, and it's something I basically made for myself and then put into the collection. It's a domed-head slot screw. Very simple and understated. I never take it out.
Photo: Courtesy of Giles & Brothers

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