Thursday, December 2, 2010

Porta's Eyes...Christmas Lists

I Wish...

Porter Classic


San Francisco


Pipe headset CMYK

Tracks headset Creme/Blue


Ankamirukumagukappu Mug

Marintawashiruku bandana


45 rpm
Indigo sleeved T-shirt

Now the process of making a Christmas list really makes me realize how greedy I am and it actually makes me feel a bit bad, at the end anyways. The process of figuring out what I want right now is kind of fun however. Since I had a request to create a Christmas list, I thought it would be cool if I posted mine and again asked you, the readers to get involved. Although this isn’t my 100% top items I want in any order and I know I missed a bunch of things I want, this is a good round up of items I would love to find under a tree. Some are basic, some are expensive, some are realistic, some aren’t, all I like, most I’ve probably blogged about. And the list includes; Porter Classic Pants, San Francisco wallet, AIAIAI Pipe headset CMYK-Tracks headset Creme/Blue, BLUE BLUE mug&bandana, 45rpm Indigo sleeved T-shirt. I would also like post to that list although I just remember now and don’t feel like retrieving a photo since I have a feeling most of you know what they look like.


“ May the lord
always watch over
...It's come true

the portastylistic

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