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PortaStyle Guide...How-to Tie a Bandanna!


“How-to Tie a Bandanna!”


Bandanna's are a useful accessory for anyone's wardrobe. They are cheap, attractive, and unpretentious. They compliment workman's clothes especially well. Here are a two ways to wear a bandanna with your collared shirts, polos, and T's.

- The Bow -

The first way to wear a bandanna is inside your shirt. This is to absorb sweat and keep the collars of your shirts from getting a yellow stain. You should end up with a bandanna that looks like this. This knot does not cinch so it's necessary to tie it correctly.

- The Regular -

The next knot that is useful is the regular necktie knot. This is a simple overhand knot that is usually used with a necktie. This knot is best used for wearing a bandanna around the collar of a shirt. This knot can be adjusted so it's useful for wearing with a fully buttoned-up shirt or a unbuttoned collar shirt. It looks really nice if the bandanna can be slightly seen from under the collar.

- Folding -


Folding is the key point to tying a good knot and for preserving vintage bandannas and to stop them from ripping. First step is to lay the bandanna flat.

Fold opposite corners right over left.

Next from the bottom fold one inch folds towards the top, but stop about 3/4s of the way up. Then fold the same from the top down and the two folded ends should meet. This is to have one side of the bandanna a bit thicker than the other so it can absorb sweat and breath at the same time. This thicker side should be worn towards your skin.


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