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pop*eye...Hurts - Happiness (2010)


Happiness (2010)

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Does happiness hurt? Accords to Hurts not only does happiness hurt… it may not exist. The Hurts debut album is quite dark despite all the dance pop sounds filling the tracks. This is 80s music the way 80s music was meant to sound… dance beats with dark tones. The Cure is one band that comes to mind with this style. But, the band Hurts most resemble would be Depeche Mode. In fact, Hurts is the sound child of Depeche Mode and Kylie Minogue.

This isn’t the type of album I’m supposed to like. At times the music is too dated. Even in trying to resemble the 80s, it still remains a little out of place. And, the vocals can be a little high, operatic even. There are some strange experiments in sound taking place. Actually, this isn’t the album I’m supposed to love. Strings appear from time to time. Other times, the electronic beat is so beautiful I imagine the crowded dance floor. And, those lyrics… over the top and emotional. I’m almost reminded of Savage Garden at times. But, there is more than teen pop here. This is understood pain. Experienced pain.

[Photo: Hedi Slimane]

This is the album for crowded streets. For long lines. For stuffed subway cars. This is the album of larger cities. A way to escape in something real. But, not too real. Although, at times, the songs are extremely sad. The song ‘Stay’ is the most heart wrenching on the album. I tear up most times I listen.

Since I’m comparing the band to everyone under the sun, I have one final band to compare: The Editors. “Evelyn” is a song that reminds me so much of the songs featured on The Editors second album, An End Has a Start. This is the album to travel if you’re a fan of Joy Division, too.

[Photo: Hedi Slimane]

I am not placing Hurts up as high as I place Depeche Mode, The Cure, or Joy Division. But, even falling into comparison with these bands is a great feat. And, I’m not promising this album won’t make you ask ‘why do I enjoy this?’ There is just something so good about how borderline bad the album may potentially be. But, it’s catchy. It’s brooding pop. It’s danceable. It’s new-ish.

You’ll hate yourself for loving it. But, love yourself for having it.

Check out the trailer for Hurts’ new video and grab the Jamaica remix below. Their first official single ‘Better Than Love’ is coming out on May 24th. Yes, it’s still HURTS!


Hurts: ‘Better Than Love’ [Jamaica Remix] [mp3]




Appearing on the BBC Sound Of 2010 long list earlier in the year, Hurts have been steadily building hype ever since. The electro-infused two piece hail from Manchester and consist of Theo Hutchcraft (vocals) and Adam Anderson (synths). Today sees the release of their debut album, Happiness, and we Q+A front-man, Theo.

You’re called Hurts and the album is called Happiness - is this an intentional contradiction?
Actually, it’s not. All the songs on there are about the pursuit of happiness, which is often a sad, dramatic but hopeful road.
When we started writing the record we were very insecure and unhappy, and by the time we finished it we were happy. Just about.
 So happiness is the one thing which ties it all together.

Does pain bring enjoyment?
One usually follows the other. But pain is sometimes necessary, because it helps you find happiness in small things.

What are your inspirations when making music?
Films, photographs, Depeche Mode, Gary Barlow and women.

The album has a track which is a duet with Kylie - how long have you been a
 fan of her music?
I Should Be So Lucky was released when I was a 1 year-old, so she’s pretty much been there throughout my life. But really, I fell for her the first time I heard Confide In Me. To hear a darkness come from such a delicate voice was amazing. That’s where she shines.

You recently also covered one of her songs - what other songs would you like
 to cover?
We’d never really thought about it for a very long time. But recently we’ve been thinking of all sorts. Everything But The Girl, Dean Martin. It’s also nice to cover girls’ songs, give them a man’s perspective. We did Diana Vickers - Once, once.

Who else would you like to duet with?
Clare Maguire.

You’ve been around the festival circuit this summer - what was your 
Too many to mention, this year was our first year of playing festivals. But Japan was an unbelievable experience. Not only for the place, the people and the general madness of it all, but the festival (Summer Sonic) was one of the best I’ve been to, and also the best we’ve played. 3000 people coming to watch us at 11am was just breathtaking.

Where is your favourite place to perform?
We did a lot of our first gigs in churches, so that used to be my favourite, because of the experience of it all. But increasingly I’ve got used to the intense club shows. It’s an odd thing to pack that much drama and an opera singer into a small dark room, but it works. At the same time though, the more unique venues make the whole thing more beautiful.

Being from Manchester, are you fans of Corrie?
Corrie is like the punk rock of all the soaps. Eastenders is quite serious and noirish sometimes I think, but Corrie doesn’t give a fuck. Some times it’s almost like a Carry On comedy, some times someone is on a totally extreme killing spree. And the knicker-factory is called ‘Underworld’. The characters in Corrie are just like that in real life too, I once saw Mike Baldwin [Johnny Briggs] in a betting shop in Manchester and I saw Roy [David Neilson] feeding the birds in a park with a beige rain mac on. Didn’t have a transexual on his arm though.

Do you support Man United or Man City?
I’m a (sometimes reluctant, often disappointed) Middlesbrough fan, but Adam has Red flowing through his veins.


Happiness, the debut album by Hurts, is out today under Major Label

Hurts| “Confide In Me” (Kylie Minogue Cover)

Hurts+notionhomotography2 Hurts| Confide In Me (Kylie Minogue Cover) [Audio]

Hurts continues to keep us excited about there debut release “Happiness,” which is available on September 6th. Not much to say about this fascinating cover of Kylie Minouge’s “Confide Me,” which couldn’t be a better selection for the Manchester duo. Enjoy the riveting track below.

Hurts- Confide In Me (Kylie Minogue Cover)


[ALL Photo: Hedi Slimane]


“We All Get Hurt By Love, We All Have A Cross To Bear”

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