Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hot and Covered...‘Furever’ by Stephan Schneider

Stephan Schneider
collection Photography by Stefan Heinrichs!

There is an aura of disarming frankness, rarely have we seen images shot with such personality

Stephan Schneider’s work is of resolutely suaveness and boyish charm that gleans and becomes untamed within a modern framework. He is known to produce his own designed fabrics through his network of Belgian factories where fabric patterns are non-discriminatory for both his men and women collection. He brings out, literally the best in the modern men who he envisions to have ambition, happiness, yet all struck in an evocative and unequivocal balance. In his new ‘Furever’ collection, coining the term denoting the interior lining of his new anoraks in lined fur with a wool outer canvas, the coming-of-age boys with a Collier Schorr frame are in a buoyant spirit. Stephan who as suggestive to direct the photography within a background reminiscent of artist Cy Twombly’s atetlier apartment confirms his statement that, “I think the most attractive element of a man is his boyishness, which some men never lose their whole life” in ‘Modern Menswear’ published by Lawrence King in 2008. In the series of portraits shown on his website, each frame has a context but no time. Neither do his garments: long knee-length wool coats and peacoats, crisp buttoned shirts in individually developed checks and tartan patterns; fine-knitted sweaters, one with a minature shawl collar. Underscoring his menswear throughout, though masculinity will show its mischievous and sly self, stripping bare underneath Schneider’s garments, egoism is itself never in existence.

And whilst Stephan’s menswear has been his primary focus, it is his womenswear that draws both a heartfelt and dramatic allure. Carrying through the imagery that portrays his women’s clothes is an extension that gestures a freedom of expression. The impact of a shift dress or a sarong skirt or the masculine trousers it is an intelligent kind of ambiguity that permeates itself. German photographer Stefan Heinrichs who was commissioned by Stephan to photograph the entire campaign negated current forms of belle de jour expressions by female magazines but one in which frankly, gave the Furever collection sense and sensibility.
Stephan Schneider creates a male and female dresscode that focuses intently on fabrics. He has developed daily workwear in slender wool trousers, woolen outerwear but also with a node to savoir faire giving his woman a knee-length skirt
Stefan Heinrichs who developed the photographic campaign images shot both portrait and groups images encapsulating a modern coming of age
The background shot in a lofty apartment suggestive of an artist's atelier such as Cy Twombly’s
His female collection can cross boundaries and a more masculine silhouette is seen to show there is no gender in incorporating knitted garments
On the left slyness and on the right a sophisticated allure


- Stephan Schneider -
"One of my favorite New
men's style guides today!"


"A Coming of Age!"

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