Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Modern Classic...Junya Watanabe Man At Union

'Junya Watanabe Man'
At Union by Jakedavis!



I'm going to take a backseat here and let one of my favorite style guys explain it all. If you don't know Chris Gibbs by now get out from the rock you've been living under and over to Union... Here are his words... Stay crispy...

"In an attempt to mirror our success with Visvim, last season we sought out to find complimentary brands that we could offer. We found three brands that fit the bill; An Italian brand named Ten C, some select Stone Island pieces and Junya Watanabe Man. We received our first Junya delivery this week and we want you to be the first to have a look.

Junya is the first "fashion" brand that we will have in the store but we feel like they are doing some of the best shit on earth lately and that their old accounts don't know how to buy the new look they are doing. We have tried to do our "Union" edit and offer the most classic looks with a subtle twist.

All the stuff is a little pricey but I think it's well worth it for what you are getting."

"This is a dope treated poly/cotton jacket with wool details. It has a unique double collar system so that even when the hood is out, there is still a collar. I love that detail."

"This is a cotton twill trench coat with a subtle camo lining. You can go classic/sophisticated or twist shit and get a little edgy with this piece. This is my personal favorite. Beautiful tailoring on the inside as well, and the fit is perfect. Not too short, not too long."

"They use an amazingly soft cotton fleece blend here to make these pieces. Another personal favorite."

"This is that Michelle Obama shit. She be wearing Junya knits. In my humble opinion, knits are the hardest things to find done well and Junya's knit program is amazing."

"Both these cardigans are fun but wearable. In this day of all J.Crew everything these are good unique pieces!"

"All of their shirts are great. They have elastic in the seams to give it a cool fit when worn. There are amazing tailoring details going on in every shirt all while keeping them extremely wearable."

"This is a collaboration with Levi's where they reconstruct XX Levi's to their own specs. Really cool camo detailing and if you notice, camo lining is sewn into the selvedge seam of the jean. Sick!"

"Another Levi's colab. In addition to the camo lining, this one has corduroy panels on the front of the jean and some orange canvas detailing. This is the tighter fitting of the two jeans in the 503 model."

"Really simple 5 pocket chino pant. Cotton twill pant with cotton canvas tonal pockets. Very nice fit too."

"A nice leather and cotton blend belt."

"A cool idea. Traditional houndstooth on one side and camo on the other. "

"Handmade in Japan. Leather soled shoes, with layers of rubber in between to absorb the pounding. Really comfortable and beautiful looking."

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