Friday, June 25, 2010

New Modern Classic...Monocle On Med

Monocle On Med

Special summer newspaper edition
Combats iPad With Exclusive Newspaper!


We’re launching a special summer newspaper edition of Monocle that will be on sale in all the best resorts, from the West Coast to the eastern Med (and the key airport hubs in between).

Packed with leisurely reads, great reportage and plans for the second half of the year, it will be your handsome companion from sun lounger to sun downers.


Tyler Brûlé, the founder and editor of Monocle, is launching the title's first print newspaper edition on July 29, per WWD. Titled Monocle-on-Med, the 60-page paper is planning a print run of 70,000 copies to be distributed in airports and international summer spots from Israel to the Hamptons. The issue will be about 30% ads -- Swiss private bank Pictet and BlackBerry have already signed up -- and will plug the gap between Monocle's July-August issue and its September one.


Monocle, the culture rag that's proved itself to be remarkably recession-resilient (thanks to tote bags and innovative brand partnerships), is branching out. Channeling Dave Eggers, who made a bold statement against the death of print by distributing a one-day-only print newspaper called The San Francisco PanoramaMonocle founder Tyler Brulé is trying his hand at a similar endeavor. TheMarioBlog says, Brulé is "call[ing] it Monocle-on-Med and it will be a printed newspaper distributed, at first as a test, to beachgoers in those nice and exclusive beaches of the Mediterranean." If all goes according to plan, the print endeavor, which launches July 29, could move beyond private beaches on the Riviera to your corner newsstand.

“I’d like to dump a little bit of cool Mediterranean water on the pad hype by showing that advertisers still love print (we’ve made a fortune on the concept) and iPads do not like sand, direct sun, water and the thieving hands of people lurking around sun loungers,” says Brulé. He added, “it’s going to be loads of fun—essays, big maps, funny reportage. I think you’ll love it.” Adding injury to Steve-Jobs insult, the main sponsor of the entire project is none other than BlackBerry ("We’re shooting all the advertising for it as well,” Brulé says). But, the 68-page long paper isn’t totally averse to technology: Monocle-on-Med will be accompanied by a weekly podcast, featuring “sexy music and smart discussion,” which will air every Friday.


but you can pre-order now from The Monocle Shop.

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On sale from 29 July


"it will be your handsome companion from sun lounger to sun downers!"

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