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pop*eye...Faded Paper Figures - New Medium (2010)


Faded Paper Figures
New Medium (2010)

In their much-anticipated second album, New Medium, Faded Paper Figures return with a richer, fuller sound, even as they maintain all of Dynamo‘s indie-tronica charm. Fans of the band will be happy to hear all of the familiar blips, harmonies, and intellectual pop-references, but with even more life and energy this time around. Striking melodies, lyrical images, and classic pop forms–New Medium‘s lush electronica feels both intimately familiar and astonishingly new.

Since The Postal Service and American Analog Set hit the music scene, thousands of comparisons have been attempted in a half-hearted and lackluster style. For Faded Paper Figures the comparisons could not be any bit more dead on. Whispering lyrics, gamma-rapped 8-bit sounds and the invisible switch that can turn a day around are what Dynamo or FPF’s newest track “New Medium” impress upon impact.

The trio of R. John Williams (vocals, guitar), Kael Alden (guitar, drums, keys) and Heather Alden (backup vocals, keys), who call the West Coast home, exhort a live-easy attitude into their cure-all music. To clamp it all up as a fall-into-place group doesn’t quite fit how the members devised and recorded Dynamo in 2008. With just a few tracks created among Williams and Alden, the “chamber pop” progressed past a casual side project, so Alden added to the mix and Faded Paper Figures was born.

Now over a year after Dynamo released to positive reviews from the indie world, the group has eyed a new release, their New Medium EP. Currently, FPF is releasing a song a week on their MySpace page with the song below as a free release to build back some possibly slowed fanbase intrigue. Much like The Postal Service, a gradual start lends to a three-key hook, a chock full of drum bass and Ben Gibbard-ishly masterful lyrics.

Keep an eye on the group’s MySpace for more songs from the new EP as well as their sporadically updated news blog. If you see tour dates anywhere, please comment.



"New Medium"
impress upon impact!

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