Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hot and Covered...Scratch-off cover!

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UK Edition

The current issue of UK Wired has a typically simple, strong cover design (this time by Matt Willey at Studio8) that uses type and colour to provide a poster-like presence. It also has a number of areas covered in grey scratch-off ink, like that used on lottery scratch-cards. This is a lovely idea, and full marks to the magazine (and its publishers) for doing something so out of the ordinary and tactile on such a relatively mainstream publication. The only other time I’ve seen this was on an old issue of Dazed & Confused, more of which later.

So I got out a coin and scratched away – and this example (above and below) is typical of the disappointment that awaited. It’s all rather literal – as if the team have designed the cover then added the scratch-off element as an after-thought, just covering up randon parts of the text.

I’d like to have seen a little more invention behind the reveals – the only nice touch is the top straps, where the usual line ‘Ideas • Techology • Culture • Business’ becomes ‘Ideas • Techology • MISCHIEF• Business’ (not shown here).

A missed opportunity, I think.

And that Dazed & Confused cover? That made better use of the technique. It featured a topless photo of Helena Christiensen, her breasts covered with scratch-off ink that came off to reveal a black star over each breast and the caption ‘NO WIN’. (There were supposedly some that did reveal all, but I’ve never been able to confirm that).

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