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Hot and Covered...New Monocle Shop Tokyo Opens


with a party for 2000 subscribers, media and Monocle friends.
Located in the shiny new Francfranc store in Aoyama-dori, Tokyo, it's our third permanent Monocle Shop location, alongside London and Los Angeles.


Monocle celebrated yesterday the opening of their 3rd permanent store location, after opening London and Los Angeles before. The new store is located in the shiny new Francfranc store in Aoyama-dori, Tokyo. Make sure to visit on your next Tokyo trip.

Tyler Brûlé (left) MONOCLE editor-in-chief

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- Grand Opening -
Information AOYAMA Francfranc

AOYAMA Francfranc グランドオープン情報Vol.2

May 22, 2010 (Saturday) Location outbound trend, Aoyama flagship store grand opening "AOYAMA Francfranc".
Prior to opening, and a lot of special information arrives!

[URBAN CASUAL 』concept, and adults can enjoy shopping AOYAMA Francfranc.
Large building designers work with Mr. Morita Yasumichi "Francfranc Village" and named. Set up an overwhelmingly large store is packed with tricks to step foot motto Achikochi it! We welcome everyone in the guise of artistic playful tickle adults.
This is more fun to open up?

And, Francfranc Village to open simultaneously in several shops! Landing shops and cafes, Japan's first hot and shops facing the entrance worrisome Aoyama Dori. Please enjoy shopping Francfranc in conjunction with.
AOYAMA Francfranc グランドオープン情報Vol.2

To collaborate with brands in the world, UK Journal of Global Information from "MONOCLE" landed the first shop in Japan

Rokarusuitsu popular in Hawaii. Marasada donut shop in Aoyama has now attracted attention in Japan

The colorful side dish or salad, pasta making for sweets! LA chic modern decor and enjoy the Taste Deli & Cafe

Aoyama enjoy under the blue sky, and gently oven are the best takoyaki! Along with the champagne, "Shan octopus" style fun

Giraffes and polar bears, penguins and rabbits, which appear realistic to store objects of various wildlife

AOYAMA Francfranc グランドオープン情報Vol.2

Others, "CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN" chic sofas and graphical design by, GINZA Francfranc you popular but casual Art "ART at HOME", including dear expression becomes lovable animal mug, from furniture to accessories, interior AOYAMA Francfranc but for a limited version appeared!
NEW Tote Francfranc of design and will be unveiling a number of products faster than any previous release. Do not miss it!

AOYAMA Francfranc
Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku 3-11-13 Francfranc Village Hours / 11:00 to 22:00


- Snapshots -
from Monocle Store Opening in Tokyo & After Party

Kristina Dryza has been at the Monocle store opening in Tokyo. Here is her report in pictures. Hot off the press.

Special Thanks This is post by David Report contributor Kristina Dryza.

Monocle Shop Tokyo

Aoyama FrancFranc
3-11-13 Minami-Aoyama

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"This will be another great addition to the Aoyama neighborhood."

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