Friday, May 21, 2010

Hot and Covered...Liquor Store by J. Crew

Liquor Store
by J. Crew
New elective affinities
in terms clothing.

In TriBeCa.

In an old Liquor Store in Tribeca, 235 West Broadway - Manhattan to be precise, was born a male Flagship Store in a bit 'different from what we usually see normally. It is, in truth, a trend already in place for a bit ', but this place has helped to make extravagant even more defined. Specifically, we are talking about the new flagship of the masculine J. Crew. Note clothing chain, which seemed to have lost enamel, but which, thanks to this operation, regains charm and personality.

183 years old, made entirely of wood, full of old drunks and mutterings of cigarettes smoked badly, the old Liquor Store in TriBeCa remains intact today his style. Small detail: instead of cocktails, serving jackets, pants, ties, shirts, shoes.

Tremaine Romeo is the name of Storetender, madly in love with their work. Just read his interview, tasty, reported at J. Crew to notice. Tremaine wise cocktail mixes to its customers based clothing: designer clothes from J. Crew products "related" to other brands. Already, the "elective affinity" between brands of clothing. This is the new philosophy of the Flagship Store. No more dictatorship of the brand that bears her name, but an admixture, in varying degrees, of different ingredients that go well together.

J. Crew Liquor Store, you go so shirts from Thomas Mason, "Best Sellers" of local leaders signed a "Liquor Store", in Mackintosh coats, jackets to Barak, the military watches Timex. Nearly J. Crew we would suggest which are the combinations just to do with their products. A new marketing idea, fresh and unusual, yet very vintage flavor. Just walk around the premises of the Liquor Store, stroll in the back, rummaging around in an old bottle of bourbon and a cover of The Face, to literally lose their heads and do a whole new experience. Giving the new style suggestions, new "pairs sensible" clothing between different yet. The new Flagship leaves so today the brand, put on a pedestal, to open to contamination. J. Crew positions itself as akin to Thomas Mason, but also Belstaff or desert boots McAlister or beautiful Selima Optique vintage glasses, not to mention Flea Rolex.

In short, an operation that allows intelligent J. Crew back on its feet and recovery in the world of elective affinities of fashion, a new frontier in terms of retail marketing. Wandering in TriBeCa to believe.
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