Friday, March 5, 2010

Porta's Look!...Manzine Issue Three

MANZINE returns!
Celebrate The Tree
(Manzine Design Classic No3)

Manzine returns, not only pinker and funnier than ever, but available to buy online.

Take a photographic tour round the former Iraqi embassy in East Berlin; learn bachelor cookery. There’s even a free colour print by Ralph Steadman. And days after Monocle claimed their tote bag sales had funded their new Hong Kong bureau, enjoy Manzine’s pop-up Berlin street store (after the jump) which rather than fund a new bureau was presumably diverted to pay for the free print.

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Magculture turns us onto the news that one of our favourite men’s magazines, Manzine, has just released their third issue. With a free print from longtime Hunter S. Thompson collaborator Ralph Steadman stashed amongst articles on great British trees, political beard infographics and a visit to former Iraqi embassy in East Berlin, it’s not your typical men’s magazine. If you still need a heads up on their sense of humour, take a look at the above spread – no prizes on who they’re mocking. As usual you can buy it straight from the source (Manzine)

Issue. 2

selectism - manzine-01

We love a good ol’ magazine here and we’ve been pretty determined to show that there’s a whole wide world beyond Monocle and i-D magazine. Take Manzine for instance (which we found via Magculture). It’s a decidedly lo-fi affair, printed on blue copier paper instead of the stockier stuff other magazines are now turning to. You could call it the anti-Monocle. Instead of articles on the perfect neighbourhood, there’s features on turning forty, wearing shorts in summer and a shopping trip to Westfield. What sets it apart is the contributor list, which reads like a who’s who of (UK) men’s magazines. To sum up, the magazine’s an enjoyable in-joke.

Take a look at images from the magazine after the leap.

selectism - manzine-02

selectism - manzine-03


"Meet the free
colour print
for fashion men mag
from a freebie!!!"

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