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Porta's Listen...Sweet Coffee - Face to Face(2010)

Sweet Coffee
is currently enjoying a creative boom and has decided to work
with even more...

Sweet Coffee - Face to Face(2010)
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The profile of SweetCoffee (Patrick Bruyndonx, Raffaele Brescia and Bibi Diabokua) can be sketched in terms of past achievements, but the band can only be truly defined in terms of its evolving future.

Naked City (2007) offers living proof of this.

The Belgian trio quickly won a large and faithful audience with Memory Lane (2004) and its successor Perfect Storm (2005). But it was apparent from the start that their vitality would lead to constant growth and continual surprises. Today the formula sounds maturer and more exciting than ever. Smoothly recognizable continuity is spiced with lively sparks of innovation.

Songs like Don’t Need To, Holdin’ On, Special Kind of Feeling and New Day have been given extensive airplay, were welcomed in many thousands of living rooms and found their way into numerous compilations at home and abroad.

Yet it is SweetCoffee’s live shows that have always been the spearhead of their music. Fans were given the unexpected bonus of a real live performance with all the thrust and energy this entails.

The band’s long live performance background audibly adds substance to Naked City, the third and easily the strongest album yet presented by Patrick, Raffa and Bibi. Their live experience has increased their grip on song structure and creative variation and has led to the enriching introduction of organic instruments such as sax, acoustic guitar and piano

There is no abrupt change of style. For instance the groovy PlayDowntown (the album’s first single) preserves the familiar SweetCoffee sound. It is nocturnal and full of atmosphere and makes you see - with closed eyes - the street lights and neon signs of a late-night “naked city”. PlayNever Better shows singer Bibi at her best, in a piano-driven souldance song that will find its natural habitat in a trendy club as well as on the night radio.

Naked City raises SweetCoffee to new heights and makes it increasingly difficult to pigeon-hole the band. So many facets are combined here that the growth potential is endless.

Who else captures the undivided attention of house, pop, soul and jazz fans? Who has the skill and courage to translate this varied material into electrifying live shows? Who has shown the industry that international success (in Holland and the UK, even in Russia) can be achieved without their assistance? Who recently received warm praise from Lionel Richie (after an appearance in his supporting programme)?

There is no abrupt change of style. For instance the groovy PlayDowntown (the album’s first single) preserves the familiar SweetCoffee sound.

*I Proud To Recommended!!!*



"Sweet Coffee opened
this Spring for
the perfect collaboration
of guest vocalists
unique sound
& identity!"

the portastylistic

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