Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Porta's Eyes...THE COSY SURVEY: Vol2, Is Simply Beautiful Dress

Cosy Servey:
~Vol 2

"Is Simply Beautiful Dress"
/YOU&ME Series

Look Sharp...
+Get Smart!
Navy Blue Dress

Cap Sleeve Ponti Tulip Dress...

in the style of Cheryl Cole

When we discovered one of our very favorite navy blue dress with the gorgeous wedding of my friend...their work is simply beautiful...theme Navy blue+Yellow Gold.

  • - Lightweight maternity tulip dress
  • - Fitted style with round neck and pleating
  • - Cap sleeves and v-shape back design,

" I love this style, Clear and Clean...to Classic Dress "

My BD shirt work wear style dress...

After a long wait we’re pleased to start 2010 with one of our most anticipated Inventory Items, the BD shirt by Gitman Bros. The American shirt makers have become a household name in the last two seasons and continue to move forward with a growing variety of fabrics and collars – but one thing remains the same, they are great shirts. Working with US producers has definitely opened our eyes to the difficulties of small run production and making sure the details get through from our Vancouver HQ to the factory in Ashland. While it will always be a learning process, we are extremely pleased with the end result and our winter shirting. The washed navy blue oxford is perfectly broken in and wrinkled and has been a surprisingly tough colour to find in a 2-ply oxford cloth. While the chambray BD was the more difficult of the two to achieve, the final shirts turned out really nice. We had decided awhile back to go with the white stitching on the blue chambray as it felt more natural and came down to personal taste. We had planned on a chest button as well, but unfortunately it became one of the casualties of cross continent communication. The chalk buttons compliment the chambray nicely while the synthetic pearl buttons look sharp on the navy blue oxford. Our red stitch subtly sits on the back of the neck and the scalloping came in at the perfect height. The shirts are now available online and are going quickly so we don’t recommend waiting around too long for your size.







I’m already loving the navy or blue “shirt dress”,
can’t wait to try it on next week!

Let me know which one of these great white creations has caught your eye!

" Don't you just love
when high fashion and
affordable retail collide...
it's all good!!!!"

the portastylistic

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