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Porta' Eyes...Gainsbourg Vie héroïque

Vie héroïque

R.I.P Lucy!

Lucy Gordon
(22 May 1980 – 20 May 2009)

Lucy Gordon (22 May 1980 – 20 May 2009) was a British actress and model. Born in Oxford, England, she was represented by Olivia Woodward of the Curtis Brown Group in the U.K.
Lucy Gordon committed suicide on 20 May 2009, in her apartment in Paris, France, two days before her 29th birthday.

2001: Perfume (as Sarah)
2001: Serendipity (as Caroline Mitchell)
2002: The Four Feathers by Shekhar Kapur (as Isabelle)
2005: The Russian Dolls by Cédric Klapisch (as Celia Shelburn)
2007: Serial de Kevin Arbouet et Larry Strong (as Sadie Grady)
2007: Spider-Man 3 by Sam Raimi (as Jennifer Dugan)
2008: Frost by Steve Clark (as Kate Hardwick)
2009: Brief Interviews with Hideous Men by John Krasinski (as Hitchhiker)
2009: Cinéman (as Fernandel's friend)
2010: Serge Gainsbourg, vie héroïque (as Jane Birkin)

Lucy as Jane Birkin

British actress Lucy Gordon, who starred in Spider-Man 3, has committed suicide in her Paris flat, her agent has confirmed.
Police in the French capital said the body of the 28-year-old, who was tipped to become the new Jane Birkin, was found hanging from the ceiling of her mansion block apartment near the River Seine.
"It was a horrific scene," said one officer.
"The young woman had taken her own life in terrible circumstances. We are not seeking anyone else. It was a clear case of suicide."
The Oxford-born actress and model played the character Jennifer Dugan in the third instalment of Spider-Man.
She appeared in around a dozen other films, having made her big screen debut in 2001, including two that are in post-production.
In one of those, a French film charting the life of late singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg, she played Swinging 60s actress and singer Jane Birkin.
Miss Gordon's fresh looks and passion for France had seen her compared to Birkin in real life.
The Gainsbourg biopic, Vie Heroique, is currently being previewed at the Cannes Film Festival.
A festival organiser said: "We are devastated by this news. All those attending the festival had been hugely impressed by Lucy's work.
"She was a star in the making."
Agents for Miss Gordon, who had recently moved to Paris from New York, confirmed she had "ended her own days".

I really dig Joann Sfar. He's currently filming Serge Gainsbourg (vie héroïque) and The World of Kane blog shows us a selection of cartoons and sketches he's drawn for this film where to get reacquainted with Sfar's colorful, vitalist world. Essential!

A Universal Pictures France release of a One World Films, Studio 37, Focus Features Intl., France 2 Cinema, Lilou Films, Xilam Films production, in association with Uni Etoile 6, with participation of Canal Plus, France Televisions, Orange Cinema Series. (International sales: Studio 37/Kinology, Paris.) Produced by Marc du Pontavice, Didier Lupfer. Executive producer, Matthew Gledhill. Directed, written by Joann Sfar.

Serge Gainsbourg - Eric Elmosnino
Jane Birkin - Lucy Gordon
Brigitte Bardot - Laetitia Casta
La Gueule" - Doug Jones
Juliette Greco - Anna Mouglalis
Bambou - Mylene Jampanoi
France Gall - Sara Forestier
Young Gainsbourg - Kacey Mottet-Klein



Gainsbourg Vie héroïque

Both evocative and faithful in its depiction of the famed French singer's lascivious life, "Gainsbourg (vie heroique)" offers up a feast of memorable chansons and an almost endless parade of drop-dead-gorgeous muses. Debut feature by bestselling comicbook artist Joann Sfar traces its subject's career -- from the jazz-influenced melodies of the early '60s to the electronic ramblings of the '80s -- in episodic bursts that combine flesh-and-blood lookalikes with cartoons, puppetry and flashbacks to a childhood marked by the German Occupation. Solidly entertaining biopic opened strong Jan. 20, with rosy overseas prospects.

"Both evocative and faithful in its depiction of the famed French singer's lascivious life."

In 1968 Gainsbourg had written "Je t'aime, moi non plus", an explicitly erotic song which he had recorded with Brigitte Bardot. After the pair's relationship had ended, Bardot begged Gainsbourg not to release the recording as a single and Gainsbourg, the perfect gentleman, respected her wishes. However, in 1969 Jane recorded the notorious song as a duet with Gainsbourg and it appeared on the pair's joint album "Jane Birkin Serge Gainsbourg".

Serge Gainsbourg + Jane Birkin

= Charlotte Gainsbourg

(She has a thread if you are looking for more pictures)

When "Je t'aime moi non plus" was released as a single later that year it caused an absolute scandal. Indeed, Gainsbourg's erotic lyrics and Jane's passionate whispering totally outraged public opinion. The international press attacked the song's "lewd" message, radios banned it from their playlists and the Vatican went so far as to issue a statement condemning the immoral nature of the song. In short, "Je t'aime moi non plus" benefited from a huge amount of free publicity and rocketed straight to the top of the charts, selling around a million copies in the space of just a few months. Needless to say, Gainsbourg and Birkin became the most scandalous couple of the year and their relationship became the subject of intense media scrutiny.

The Look!

There was a time not so long ago that I'd walk the Brick Laned streets of East London, clutching tight at my coat lapel to keep away the chill, iPod buds in me ‘ole Dumbo ears, listening to Serge Gainsbourg sing away with Brigitte Bardot, crooning out Comic Strip. I'd walk in time to the beat, imagining myself waltzing, not on Commercial Street, but the Rue de Verneuil, Ma'amselle Bardot's "Shebam! Pow! Blop! Wizz!" sidling up to the crevices of my brain. I'd put on my droopiest Frenchman's face, allow a cigarette to dangle from my lip, and pretend that I was that once-upon-a-time maestro of the chanson.

I've a mild obsession with Monsieur Gainsbourg, in a way that some might find themselves obsessed with John Lennon or, perhaps (rather pathetically), those vile little Jonas boys. I've a photo of Serge in my living room, he, along with Jane Birkin, spend their days as the wallpaper on my computer, and every time my mobile rings I'm Shebammed, Powed, Blopped and Wizzed by Comic Strip. So naturally, I should do my best to dress the part, to get his Look.

Serge Gainsbourg

Comic Strip was first released in 1968 on the Bonnie and Clyde album. In one of the videos for the song, Gainsbourg is dressed in a well fitted black double-breasted jacket whilst leather-clad women in goggles creep round him. Single-breasted jackets are far more popular these days, and if well-tailored can fit just as nicely. Burberry has evoked the late 60s spirit in their A/W 08 line. Combine it with the colorful comic-book colors of an Etro shirt and you're ready for a romp with Brigitte!

At the end of '68, Gainsbourg Bardot period had come to an end, and Jane Birkin arose as his new muse. The beautifully bawdy Je t'aime... moi non plus faded from Bardot's orgasms to Birkin's and was featured on the 1969 album Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg. Also on that album was the brilliant song 69 Annee Erotique ("69 The Erotic Year"). And regardless of the song's reference to sexual positions, when Gainsbourg performed the song with Lady Jane lounging on a piano, he took on the pre-Sexual Revolution guise of a post-War chansonnier. The simple elegance of the look is best found in YSL's A/W 08 collection. The classic elegance of a Paul Smith shirt will pull your look together and make Mademoiselle Birkin swoon.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, the fruitful collaboration of Serge and Jane, began singing at an early age in the early 80s; her father wrote several songs for her, including Lemon Incest which she sang as a child in maturation to young woman. The video for the song caused quite a stir as it featured a shirtless Serge in bed with his young daughter. Putting the notions of pedophilic incest aside, the Monsieur does in fact look quite the modern Baudelaire in nothing but a pair of loose fitting jeans. Find your own pair for your own incestuous love affair at Crossroads, as it really is the best place on this green earth to find great jeans at a reasonable price.

And as for accessories? Monsieur Gainsbourg had no need for these, knowing full well that the greatest accessory a man can have is the love of a beautiful woman - Je t'aime - or not - moi non plus.

"Bonnie and Clyde" - Serge Gainsbourg ft. Brigitte Bardot (mp3)

"La Javanaise" - Serge Gainsbourg ft. Juliette Greco (mp3)

"L'Alouette" - Serge Gainsbourg (mp3)

* * * * * * * * *

Serge is French Pop Pioneer, Style Icon!

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