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Porta's Look!...More and More Read...January, 2010

A -
Collection that's perfect for 2010
to start off!

I got inspire from these magazine...



February issue 2010

*The 25 Most Stylish Men In The World 2010

Magazine GQ has made a list of 2010 most stylish men in the world. Johnny Depp is on the top of the list and describes as; “a really glamorous, one-of-a-kind eccentric“ by the Magazine. He’s really hot on the cover for the February issue 2010.

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Free & Easy

February Special issue 2010

Japanese Magazine for The Young

and The Young-at-heart


- Fashion Means Life

Just released in 2009 May, this book is the Japanese Mook "SUPER DAD STYLE" by F&E which is the most interesting, beautiful and rare vinatge style book and authentic American Vintage Clothing catalog for men.

This is not the regular magazine but a collectible special issue book. It contains Thousand of TOP VINTAGE COLLECTIONS by various artists, fashion designers, label ownersand.

With super rare pieces from the 1800s to 1990s. Covers subjects in jackets, shirts, tees, pants, boots, shoes, accessories, bags, and loads of extras.....

Once again it is not the regular magazine but a whole special extra issue which is sold out instantly.

With loads of RRL, RL, Levi's, LEE items

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A Curation of Ideas in Product, Craft & Culture

INVENTORY Volume 01 Number 01 Magazine Issue front

I have to admit, it took me by surprise when h(y)r Collective decided to move there print and online presence over to INVENTORY. Seemed risky at the time, you never know how your readers will react. But i have to applaud them, they have done a tasteful job. When i say tasteful, i actually mean it in the sense of flavor, design and production, i think its all falling into place for them. The new magazine looks like it will be a hit, and the new website over at INVENTORY really hits the taste buds.

Its the magazines debut this month with their Volume 01 Number 01 issue, some of the names featured will be Yuketen, Engineered Garments and Willo Perron. You can buy the magazine soon for $20 USD at the INVENTORY Stockroom. Other retailers will be The Bureau, Albam, Surrender and Self Edge.

I also urge you to keep checking out the daily updates on the INVENTORY site, they are better than ever.

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An everyday life interiors


Apartamento is basically a magazine with four main heads behind (Omar Sosa, Marco Velardi, Nacho Alegre y Albert Folch) and plenty of collaborators strategically distributed around the most diverse cities in the world. The latest issue, the fourth already, was released not just in Japan with a special attachment about the event they organized during five days in Tokyo on a pop-up restaurant, but it also came with a supplement for kids and loads of interesting notes: Chloe Sevigny writes about her home with private photographs of herself taken by her boyfriend, Grillo Demo’s fantastic watercolor artworks on heaps of interesting people’s houses is shown, Ari Marcopoulos photographs Sonic Youth’s house, and more. Just as he landed from Tokyo, we interviewed Omar Sosa, one of the lead players from Apartamento.

What is Apartamento?
It’s a magazine about people and the places they live in. Even though the structure line is their homes, for us it’s equally important to know about who lives there. Indeed, is the association of space/occupant from where the idea and the spirit of the magazine comes from. That’s why we have a different focus than other interiors magazines, it’s not about the aspirations of what you can get with money, but about what you have and what you’ve accomplished living in that house.

Which is the basic team that makes this magazine possible?
At the moment we’re six people. Nacho Alegre and myself came up with the idea of creating this magazine, and shortly after that we had Albert Folch and Marco Velardi joining in. The latter lives in Milan and he’s our Editor in Chief. On the other hand we have the cool-headed Victor Abellan who keeps the business side afloat, and Eduardo Iborra who is in charge of Shippings.

You have four issues already and a considerable evolution and growth, is it close to what you thought when you started? I imagine there’s still plenty to do: challenges for the future.
The truth is that in most of the projects that start with an impulse of doing whatever you want to do, I admit we’re blown away. Now we know it wasn’t that we couldn’t find a magazine like Apartamento, it just didn’t exist! The growth has been quick, we started making 5 thousand copies that lasted two months and today with our fourth issue and second anniversary we’ve printed 22 thousand copies. Even this way we have the feeling that there’s a lot to do, we work for getting more and better content, more efficient distribution and for making more parallel projects like presentations or collaborations for other brands.

Tell us about the Tokyo experience. Is the japanese market important to you? Why?
The japanese market, together with the north american market, is one of the most interesting for us and where it has been very well received from start. We’ve released our second issue in NY already and now it’s Tokyo’s turn. It’s and incredibly sensitive audience and very culturally interested in magazines, but in order to get to them you have to do it in a very special way, the japanese audience likes to feel that way and they’re indeed special, that’s why thanks to a a brand we’ve worked with, we’ve made a special edition with a japanese translated supplement. To round it out, we’ve organized an event coinciding with the design week called TASCA which consisted in a 5-days occasional restaurant where people could taste several meals cooked and served by us, previously reserved and free of charge. We’re very proud, there’s been more than 220 people coming to eat and also people that just came to visit us and have a look to the latest issue, as well as being a meeting point for people to get to know each other and share opinions and business cards, something very japanese!

Where can I buy the magazine?
During the next few weeks you can find the last issue in almost every bookstore in the world. The japanese edition will be selling outside Japan as well, like in Colette or doyoureadme?! bookstore in Berlin.

A collective sigh of relief at mag nation HQ today as Apartamento arrived. Finally.

We’ve literally had customers asking for this for about the last month now (although it feels like a lot longer.) There’s one guy who who comes into our Elizabeth Street store, pokes his head in at the ‘Our Favourites’ rack and then leaves with a disappointed look on his face. Every. Single. Day.

There is another guy in Sydney who calls the Newtown store every day and sheepishly asks “is it in yet”? Makes us think of a pubescent teenager on his first attempt. Bloody hell people. Yes, it is a hot magazine, one of the hottest around at the moment, but there is a whole wide world out there…

Now up to issue number four, the latest edition of this ‘every interiors’ mag includes an interview with Alessi’s Enzo Mari (featured a lavishly photographed spread of his Milan studio), Ari Marcopolous contributes photos of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon at home in Massachusetts as well as features on Mark & Garrick, Chloe Sevigny, Bertjan Pot and Gustavo Di Mario.

On top of all this, there’s a feature on Melbournians, Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey (aka fashion label Perks and Mini) shot at home by Serps Press’ Thomas Jeppe. Plus an ‘everyday life’ kid’s supplement with Andy Rementer, Geoff McFetridge and Jordi Ferreiro.

Get it while it lasts…











Happy New Year Again!!!

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