Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Napoleon - Bohemians Won The Series And The Little Guy Joined The Band (2009)


10 members. Average age 22. Hailing from small town Sweden. Napoleon formed in the spring of 2003. After seeing a Napoleon Bonaparte documentary, songwriter and band leader Alexander “T-Glow” Havelda suggested that a shared goal of world domination meant Napoleon was the perfect name for the band, and so it was.

T-Glow explains the Napoleon sound “There were a lot of long Scandinavian winters hunched over warm stereo speakers and it helped having Daddy Don, a surrogate father to my sister, based in Detroit sending over soul records from the 60’s but we all love Morrissey, The Boss and those whom we get compared to a lot, the criminally underrated, Dexy’s Midnight Runners”.

This smorgasbord of American inner city Soul and British eccentricity, combined with their Nordic pioneering spirit makes Napoleon what they are… Add characters that include a seriously talented Jazz aficionado, the great, great grandson of the man who shot the Swedish King Ankarstrom and the son of the man who was No3 on the KGB’s hit list after Russia invaded the Czech Republic in the 1960’s. This diverse range of factual gems is perfect for a band that is brimming with excitement and surely serves to further the old phrase ‘two heads are better than one and ten heads are better than two.’

Their performance is like a stage re-enactment of the best house party you ever went to with all your best friends and some beautiful strangers. It is drama delivered with conviction.

Napoleon play with passion and vigour, and are one of the few bands who have a member who’s dedicated instrument is the glockenspiel.

New Single!...I Love My Baby (But If Anyone Touches Her I’ll Kill Them)

Wanna feel good?? Check these guys out - spunky, retro-ish, power-pop from Swedish group (where else?) Napoleon! We’re almost sure Napoleon is a seven-piece group (it’s kind of up in the air, though) but regardless of their number, these guys are sounding pretty great. Check out their new-to-Swedish-radio single, I Love My Baby (But If Anyone Touches Her I’ll Kill Them), a rollicking, loud trumpety track that we’re completely feeling. The lead singer’s deep husky voice (reminding us a lil’ of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names), contrasts nicely with the female vocals and pow-wow instrumentals. Finding information and music from these guys wasn’t easy, but below you can check out their new single, along with a pretty funky track, I Try To Despise The Ugly People (But The Beautiful Ones Keep Turning Me Down)… when it comes to track names, apparently concision is not their thing!!

Their debut album “The Bohemians Won The Series and The Little Guy Joined The Band” is due out sometime this spring. Get ready!!

Viva La difference!

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