Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vanessa Paradis-Divinidylle(2007)

"Her lightness of touch is positively"

A beautiful film star with a beautiful film star husband and homes in France, Hollywood, the Bahamas and, incongruously, Somerset, one assumes Vanessa Paradis makes music for fun rather than money.

Her first break, aged 14, was the international hit 'Joe Le Taxi', and on her fifth album after a seven year break, she sounds like she's having a ball.

Her comfort zone is chirpy retro pop akin to Nancy Sinatra, albeit thoroughly and lyrically French, either that or the kittenish seductress of 'Irresistiblement' and 'Des Que J'Te Vois'.

It's undemanding fare but to her credit she even gets away with two no-go areas - a light reggae number ('La Melodie') and a song devoted to her own child ('Jackadi') - without becoming unstuck.

'Divinidylle' may not threaten the charts, except perhaps in France where it went straight to No.1, but Paradis' latest musical offering has Gallic charm to spare

Fun Face: Cover art
The klimtesque remarkable cover art is signed by a so-called "J.D.", aka Johnny Depp, also created the sleeve illustration in the style of Gustav Klimt.

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