Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Taken By Trees-Open Field(2007)

"enjoyed just anytime...many years"

Bergsman's debut under the solo moniker Taken By Trees is her most consistently winning full-length since the Concretes peaked. But if Open Field leads to any similar mainstream flings, they'll still feel like fortunate flukes. Co-produced with PB&J's Björn Yttling, the album exists in its own ecstatically melancholy pre-dawn realm, at once less crowded and more lushly imagined than Bergsman's previous outings. It's personal, introspective folk-pop with the instrumental palette of a girl-group teenage symphony-- zithers, euphoniums, mandolins, and harmoniums along with flutes and a string section. Think Pink Moon on a "Be My Baby" scale.

The debut album by Bergsman's new project, OPEN FIELD, has a similarly beguiling, upbeat, and slightly retro feel, taking the best of 1960s sunshine pop and melding it with cool Nordic electronica. Bergsman effortlessly moves from strength to strength throughout.

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