Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jessie Baylin - Firesight [2008]

"It's a collection of a bunch of moments in my life,"

It's not often that the terms "singer-songwriter" and "urban" mentioned in the same sentence, but Jessie Baylin's major-label debut may change that.

On one hand, Baylin continues the tradition of earthy,emotive singer-songwriters such as Joni ... Full DescriptionMitchell and Paula Cole, but her music has also been impacted by the sleek, jazz- and R&B-inspired sounds of the city.

With her heartfelt, rootsy vocal delivery and Roger Moutenot's accomplished, sophisticated production, Baylin will no doubt appeal to fans of Norah Jones and P.J. Harvey (in her mellower mode).

Personnel: Jessie Baylin (vocals); Joe Pisapia (guitar, pedal steel guitar); Pat Buchanan (guitar); Ryan Norris (keyboard); James Haggerty (bass guitar); Scott Martin (drums).

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