Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Modern Classic...RRL

"It was started in 1993.  The name comes from the real RRL ranch in Ridgway (NO E), Colorado.  And it is named after Ralph and his wife Ricky.  It's commonly known as 

'Ralph's Baby' because out of all of his different brands in Polo, it is as close to his real-life wardrobe as it comes. RRL is primarily a denim brand but we also do outerwear or 'roughwear', great chinos, western shirts, flannels, basic tube-T's, knits, assorted wovens and of course my category of accessories, encompassing:  Leather Bags, Canvas Bags, Leather belts, wallets, jewelry,bandanas, hats, etc.  The mantra for us is to design something that is virtually indistinguishable from true vintage.  So we spend most of our time working on wash and hardware treatments.  Getting all of the details looking as authentic as possible"

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