Friday, September 12, 2008

Hot and Covered...GQ: Best New Designers in America


Of the young designers featured here, the work of Simon Spurr is the most outwardly metropolitan. For Spurr, the idea of slim is almost religiously adhered to, and everything is kept carefully in proportion, from the trademark mini spread collar of the shirts to the narrow ties and skinny jeans. Spurr has the creative professional in mind, someone who can dress up a leather jacket with a shirt and tie, go to work, and then go straight out—without changing a stitch of clothing.

Left: Bryan Greenberg stars in ABC’s October Road, is in the upcoming film Nobel Son, and has released his debut album, Waiting for Now.
Middle: Michael Angarano starred in David Gordon Green’s Snow Angels and appears in this year’s The Forbidden Kingdom with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. 
Right: Dave Annable plays Justin Walker in ABC’s Brothers & Sisters.

Photo: Peggy Sirota

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